2015 makeovers

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!


I trust you had a great break and are now ready to get the year started and perhaps make some changes to your home?

I know I LOVE going away but always love coming home to my house and my things. I find coming home always wants me to make a few little changes to the house, whether it be a cupboard I’ve been meaning to tidy or an area of the home that needs some tweaking.

Beach and sunset

I haven’t got around to the cupboard yet and was reminded this morning when the sliding wardrobe door caught on something on the top shelf. I hid all the Christmas presents up there and need to get up and rearrange it now. Maybe next week?

I did, however, makeover my console table in the entry. It’s been bugging me for over a year. The same table has had the same silver photo frames (I have updated the photos) on it for the past…… um…..10 years? (Cough, cough) But moving back into the house after renovating, it was just easier to put things back where they were, if possible, and get to it at another time. Pity that “other time” took me two years!


I knew it was in desperate need of updating and I had a Pinterest Board full of great ideas and inspiration. I’ve even written a previous blog post and given loads of advice and suggestions to clients regarding decorating their entry but never had the time to do my own. Typical!


So I took some time out last weekend to Just Do It! I’m very happy with the end result and feels it reflects my style and the decor of my home better than it did previously.


So what area of your home are you going to attack in 2015? Contact us if you’d like some assistance.


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  1. I guess its a sign of just how busy you are Jennifer when you dont have the time or energy to make changes in your own home.
    It looks lovely & your picture rails are just stunning!!

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