About Me – Jennifer French

I am an Interior Designer and Colour Consultant with my own business in Sydney, Australia. Originally from Brisbane and having lived abroad in the Solomon Islands and Hong Kong, I learnt that to quickly settle into a new house you need to make it a home. On this site, I will reveal my thoughts, inspirations and discoveries on all sorts of topics that are dear to me – interiors, colours, homewares, renovations, art, completed works and family.

I am often asked “What’s your design style?” I find this a very difficult one to answer. Actually when I’m working for a client, it doesn’t really matter what my style is as it’s not my home. I want to create your home using your style and colours. However, in my own home I have problems. Before studying Interior Design I could easily answer “Traditional with a twist.” But since starting my own business and working with so many different clients, I have been exposed to so much variety. I love it all which is why I take forever to come to a decision in my own home. The one thing I must have is colour. I love how colour evokes so many memories and emotions. I also like quirky artwork or objects and things that have a history. It doesn’t have to be ancient history just something that makes you remember a different time or place or person.

I hope you are inspired to create your own harmonious environment. I would love to hear your comments, feedback or questions and look forward to your company.





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