Who’s Afraid Of Big Bad Colour?

I recently went along to a talk with this title. Unfortunately, the content did not live up to the title and along with colleagues I left a little underwhelmed. You see, the entire panel of speakers, along with the MC, all agreed that white was their preferred colour.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement. but I did get to thinking later. One of the speakers (not an Aussie) commented that Australians don’t put colour on their walls. He went on to say that he found that remarkable when we were surrounded by colour.

Kata Tjuta at Sunset

Our landscape, fashion and indigenous art is all extremely colourful yet nearly every home has white or off white walls.

Art by Minnie Pwerle

What I found amazing was that, wouldn’t that be preferred? I mean why would you want a riot of colours on your walls all competing with the colours of the view, or the artworks or the owners and their possessions?

Australian Fashion

I think it makes perfect sense that we have neutral walls so that the rest of our colourful world can take centre stage. Of course being a Colour Consultant I can’t resist but put colour on at least one wall in a house, but not every room a different colour.

Photo by Willem Rethmeier via Australian House and Garden

What do you think do you like colour on the walls or would you prefer your colour to be in other things?

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  1. I must be Australian! I’ve always had white walls and have never thought twice about it. I had two rooms in our new house painted a very pale gray – and it took me a long time to finally get up the nerve! Stop by this week if you get a chance. I’m having a giveaway open to all. 馃檪

  2. Sorry, I’m boring. I prefer white walls and colours to be in other things: artworks (mainly pictures that I have taken or prints), colourful bird of paradise pillows from ruby star trader, throws and other decorative bits. That way, I can change things around.

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