Alex Perry & Electrolux at Saturday in Design


Alex Perry, Australian Dress Designer to the stars, was guest speaker at Electrolux during Saturday in Design. What a fabulous bloke. It was just as if he was sitting down having a chat to us all. Alex was espousing the virtues of the Electrolux Drier amongst other things. I was amazed to learn that he had trialed it for a weekend prior to accepting the alignment offer and threw in a $10,000 evening gown. The gown was on display still in one piece and still with feathers and sequins attached!


Alex also spoke of the design of the laundry and how it should not look like a utility room. I’d have to agree with him there. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on our kitchens making them somewhere we like to be yet the laundry is forgotten. We can spend many hours there so why not include a TV to watch while we iron. Alex also spoke of the similarities between fashion designers and interior designers and architects. People often get comfortable in what they know. It is the role of the designer to push them out of their comfort zone, they should take people to another place. Designers tend to know ideas and different ways of thinking to keep new and alive.

Electrolux Shiny black kitchen

Electrolux Shiny black kitchen

The Electrolux showroom was full of wonderful products that make life easier. They have just launched a new black fridge and had it set in an all black kitchen. This is a result of the predominance of black at Maison et Objet earlier this year. My photo of the black kitchen didn’t come out very well as it was looking into the light. Sorry about that!

Electrolux and Jamie Durie Outdoor Kitchen

Electrolux and Jamie Durie Outdoor Kitchen

Whilst we’re on the subject of kitchens, this outdoor kitchen had everything a man (and woman) could want. Burners, barbeque plates, wok space, and even a cooktop at the table. The advertising blurb says it’s not just a piece of furniture or a utilitarian space – it’s a new concept in outdoor living. The little pots at the front could be used for herbs so the man of the house can add a bit of flavour to his piece of meat.

Tetsuya was about to demonstrate the Electrolux Induction Cooktops but our bus arrived and we whisked away to our next stop.

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