I’m Baaaccckkk

Did you miss me? I hope you had a good week and a bit. I had a wonderful week in Brisbane visiting friends and family.

I called in to Black and Spiro in New Farm when we visited Chouquette for morning tea on Bastille Day. Very appropriate to munch on French pastries on 14 July.

Yummy french pastries from Chouquette

I also managed to visit the Woollongabba Antiques Centre and check out Sandy’s little shop there. The items she has on display are just beautiful.

Paint Me White at Woollongabba Antiques Centre

One of the buildings I noticed in Woollongabba was this colourful monster. Not sure I’m lovin’ it though.

New Building at Woollongabba

There was a sister building at Herston/Bowen Hills near the Royal Brisbane Hospital and it was red. I was driving in traffic and couldn’t stop to take a photo without causing a major traffic hazzard. Anyone know what they are?

I’ve cleared the mail – both snail and email and ready to get back to some sort of routine. Enjoy your Wednesday.


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  1. Those buildings are actually ventilation stacks for the Clem 7 tunnel. They are meant to represent the Jacaranda tree and the Poinciana tree. It interesting because it polarises people.

    Hope you had a terrific time in Brisbane. The WAC is a great place to browse, isn’t it? xx

  2. You know, I wondered if they had something to do with the tunnel, as I could see on Google Satellite view that they were both over the ends of the tunnel. Jacaranda and Poinciana, eh? I like that idea. I think the thing that makes them most abhorrent is that there are no other tall buildings close to them so they stick out like a sore thumb. Thanks for enlightening me though, Anita.

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