Bathroom Shaping Up

It’s been all systems go at the renovation of our Californian Bungalow in Sydney.

Architect’s drawings

The roofers were there last week and have finished tiling the roof. We asked that the old tiles, which were removed from the parts we demolished, be kept and put on the new addition which can be seen from the street. This makes the new bit blend in with the old. We really want the place to look like it was always like that so are trying to follow through with the period style fittings where practicable. Like the skirting boards, cornices and window hardware.

Original skirting boards and window architraves

The windows are in and the brickies have been busy bricking up the outside walls. The skylights have been put in too so you can really get a feel for what the place will be like when finished.

Bathroom windows – translucent for privacy

One of the new additions to the house is a full sized bathroom. It is located in the same position and is the same size as the old guest bedroom.

Old guest bedroom

The architects designed it with a bay window where the bath will sit. This bay is to replicate the bay window at the front of the house in the dining room.

Transition of the old house and new extension

Now that it’s built, we can see how clever this little touch is. It breaks the line between the old and the new part of the house so any change in materials or way of building (between 1920 and 2012) is not so noticeable.

On the inside, the bathroom has been framed up ready for the drop in oval bath to sit in the window and the nib walls enclosing the vanity are in place too.

Bath frame ready for drop in oval bath

So now I’m ordering tiles, light fittings and bathroomware and trying to heed my own advice! I’ve spent ages trying to decide on which tiles and have abandoned all the choices I made 6 years ago when we had the plans drawn up.

Final tile and paint selection

Of course my daughter is 6 years older now and naturally has her own opinions on how it should look and what she would like. As she will be the main person using that room I guess I have to at least listen to her requests.

Nib walls built to house the vanity

No matter what it looks like, it will be a vast improvement on the minute bathroom we used to have at this end of the house.

Good riddance old bathroom

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  1. OH I love your tile selections, I cant wait to see the end result, it will be stunning!!!

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