Berry Nice

It’s the last weekend of the school holidays and my little darling is complaining because “We haven’t been anywhere!”  We’ve been shopping, to the movies, over to friends but apparently that doesn’t count. She wants to go horse riding. She’s been once before and as we are city dwellers it’s not that easy or cost effective to do it too often. Besides, you wouldn’t want to spoil a good thing now.


So tomorrow I’ve planned a day to appease us all. We are going for a 2 hour drive south to a quaint little township called Berry. Berry has a population of less than 2000 and is famous for its gardens, trees, arts, crafts, antiques and markets.

Picture 9

Mister gets to drive faster than 60km per hour, we can pull in to a horse stud on the way and darling can have a 45 minute Mini Bush Ride (where someone leads the horse around a paddock) and then we can arrive in Berry where I can stroll through the myriad of arts and crafts stores, antique stores and gardens.


Let’s hope the weather is good otherwise everyone’s day will be ruined. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Thanks for your great comment!! Hope you had a great weekend with your daughter!

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