It’s a Brand New Year

Welcome to 2012! I do hope you have had a relaxing and re-energising break over the Christmas and New Year period. I know I have!

Our Christmas was a quiet affair this year, but that didn’t stop me decking out the house in colours of fuschia, turquoise and silver.

I alter the colour theme each year and decided on fresh, bright colours rather than the traditional red and green.

I found myself collecting Mercury Glass candle-holders of varying sizes and grouped them all together on a glass platter on the centre of my coffee table. They did look very effective when they were lit of an evening.

When I ordered my Turkey, I was half expecting to be feeding 9 people for Christmas, however through one reason or another I only ended up with 4! So I have spent the last couple of weeks trying every Turkey leftover recipe I could find and substituting cooked turkey meat in the myriad of recipes I have for cooked chicken meat.

We have had some delicious meals. But my favourite would have to be the Vietnamese Turkey Salad, which was just delicious. I’ve even frozen some turkey meat so we can have it again later in the season.

I’ve finally found the time to get busy on Pinterest. Have you succumbed to this new craze? It’s a bit addictive but oh so convenient to have all your favourite images in the one location. Check it out!

Well back to work for me this week. I’m offering a special to all my subscribers of a 15% discount on Colour Consulting services booked during the month of January. So if this is the year for a new colour scheme for the inside or outside (or both!) of your home, make a booking and take advantage of the discount.




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