Cabana Club

Last year my daughter and a handful of her friends met once a month for a Book Club. It was really an excuse for a weekend play-date alternating at each members home.

This year the same group has created the Cabana Club. Again they go from house to house each month building a temporary cabana in which to hang out and drink mocktails. (Where do they come up with these ideas?)

Mocktails being served

The inaugural meeting was held at our home on Saturday afternoon and fortunately we were having a last burst of summer weather so the girls could play in the pool.

Inaugural Cabana at our house

So while the girls were chattering and dancing, eating and sipping, I searched the web for pool cabanas.

Something simple like this one from Landscape Designers Good Manors

Or perhaps a structure adjacent to the pool for entertaining, relaxing and cooking would be wonderful and really extend the living areas of a house.

via Australian House and Garden. Photographer Steve Ryan

A bite to eat between tennis and the pool.

This cabana has it all - fire, lounge seats, dining table and kitchen.

This cabana by Mabley Handler is decked out in summer colours

The girls would love this at the bottom of the garden. A fully equipped house just for the pool.

This is my favourite and belongs to cyclist Lance Armstrong. It looks very cosy.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. I love those images, would be nice to be there right now!

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