Art On The Floor

Yesterday morning I attended a breakfast to celebrate the finalists in the Art On The Floor competition.

For the last ten plus years, Designer Rugs has collaborated with the International School of Colour and Design to hold a rug designing competition. Students are encouraged to enter a design or two and the lucky 6 finalists have their design made into a rug which they get to keep. This year there were over 200 entries.

As a past student of ISCD I’m always keen to see what the students are doing. At the breakfast, each finalist stood before her rug (yes, it was an all female final this year) and gave us some insight into how she arrived at the design. The ladies bought back memories of the various art and design assignments that form part of the foundation course at the ISCD. The judges, Yosi Tal from Designer Rugs, Lucy Sutherland from the International School of Colour and Design and Claire Bradley, Editor of Inside Out Magazine, gave their comments on the design too.

This rug was created from a texture exercise involving dripping and flicking methylated spirits on gouache paint and watching it bleed out to circles. The rug was praised for it’s balance of composition and colour which is a difficult combination to get right in a modern rug.

Emma Corrigan designed this rug with spaghetti! It is a contemporary, edgy rug depicting the view of the buildings and lights from the road leaving central Sydney.

The design for this rug emanated from a collage that was made from a shattered bar code. It was a bold and striking design that would look great in any room that needed a pop of colour.

The purple rug was actually the image of a brain which was then scanned and enlarged and coloured intensely.

“Swirls” was inspired from the lid of a hairspray bottle which was then repeated and enlarged and became a semi abstract painting. The swirling gently organic shapes of nature were also considered and enhanced the design.

And the winner was……..

Susan Trainor with her rug, “Blossom Embrace”. Susan explained that she had chosen her artwork from a natural object as the starting point for the rug design. Her natural object was a gum nut which she had drawn on a plain background. Susan decided it was a bit bland so took to the drawing with her artline pen and created the movement and interest in the background. Susan can see a family embracing in her rug which gives it a feel good factor.

It was a very exciting morning for the finalists and their families to see the designs made up into gorgeous rugs. Thank you Designer Rugs and ISCD for the invitation. And congratulations to all the finalists.

If you would like assistance sourcing rugs for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Create The Look

As I’ve mentioned previously, when decorating the entry of your home, a table not only creates a welcoming vignette for visitors, but also provides a handy spot for putting keys, mail and other items you need to either bring in or take out.

This lovely image caught my eye with it’s smart black console table, silver lamp and arrangement of family photos in white frames.

via Pinterest

There’s a number of items here in Australia that will help you replicate this look.

Malval Console

The La Maison Console Table can be purchased through us for $690 plus freight.

Austin Lamp with Black Shade

The silver based lamp with black shade unites the black console table and gives a touch of luxe to the vignette. This one is available for $653 plus freight.

White Frames

I love art walls and what better place to hang a cluster of photos than at the front door. Grab a set of white frames from Corban and Blair for your precious memories.

Fresh Flowers from Merci Bouquet

Then you just need to rifle through your books and decorator pieces and place items on the shelves underneath and on top. Remember a vase of fresh flowers is always a lovely welcome at the front door.

Have fun putting your vignette together this weekend!


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How to create an interior scheme from one small piece

I was recently asked if I had designed an entire room around a small piece of artwork or an accessory.

Bedside Lamp bought in Hong Kong

The answers to my questions have appeared on Patricia Davis Browns’ blog, Dig This Design.

Purple Feature Wall inspired by lamp

You can check it out here.

Mastere Bedroom – not too feminine

Sometimes a piece you love will take you on a fascinating journey and you end up being surrounded by colours and patterns that will appeal for a very long time.

Complementary furniture pieces for the Master Bedroom

If you would like assistance creating an entire room design from one of your treasures, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

When Three is Not A Crowd

I was in a store yesterday and a lady was buying a number of ceramic balls to place on a tray in her entry. She was looking at two balls and I overheard the shop assistant say, “it has to be three”.

Yes, I thought, it has to be three or five or seven, never two or four or six.

Flower arrangement with three focal flowers

You see, odd numbers of items appear to be thrown together rather than arranged. Our eyes try to split even numbers into smaller groups but that can’t be done with odd numbers.

Margaret Olley's Artichokes via ANG Art Consulting

The asymmetrical arrangement of odd numbers will add visual interest to an area or collection and help create visual flow.  Objects that appear in threes or fives are more appealing, memorable and effective than even number groupings.

We Three Kings photograph by Emily J Photography

Odd numbers also give dimension as we can create a front, middle and back and this creates a sense of balance.

3 cushions on a bed by Inside Out Colour and Design

We find odd numbers pleasing to the eye as well as being more intriguing.

Cushions on a sofa by Inside Out Colour and Design

If you would like assistance in making your home more intriguing, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


PS. And look, it’s my 300th post on the 30th of November. Freud would have alot to say about that!



Designer Boys Collections

Remember those lovable larrikins from The Block, the first time around – Gav and Waz?

Gav and Waz via

They were great fun on the show and went on to become highly sought after interior designers.

Message Sticks from The Signature Collection $545

I’ve mentioned before that they then went on to develop an artwork collection which is timeless and elegant.

Elder from The Raffles Collection $895

The boys have just released a new website and more gorgeous artworks.


Stratum 1 from The Print Collection $255

If you would like to purchase these artworks, or need assistance in selecting artworks for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Spoilt for choice

Wednesday, half way through the week and time to think about the weekend. And what a weekend it is too. Look at all the events, sales and shows that are on. Great for those planning to renovate or decorate their home.

First, there is the HIA Sydney Home Show at Darling Harbour which starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday. It’s a great place to wander around and gather some ideas and see what products are available.


Or if you are in the midst of renovating or building and need some tiles or stone slabs, Aeria Country Floors is holding a Warehouse Sale at their factory in Frenchs Forest. The sale will get under way at 8.30am tomorrow morning at 2 Aquatic Drive, French’s Forest and will be open each day between 8.30 and 3.30 finishing on Sunday.

Stone Basin and Tiles form Aeria Country Floors

Read and Bell are having a Trunk Sale at Newtown. If you are looking for a touch of ethnicism for your wardrobe or decor, you must take a look.

Quilts from recycled saris via Read and Bell

Markets? Finders Keepers is on again in Sydney at Eveleigh on Friday night and all day Saturday.

Click Image for Source

Need new bedding? KAS Australia is holding a Warehouse Sale at their factory, 78 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria from 9 – 5 on Sautrday and Sunday. Items start from $5.

KAS Australia Faraday Bedding

If art is more your thang and you are in Melbourne, head over to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for Art Melbourne. Over 80 galleries and 600 artists will be displaying their work and you could pick up a new piece for your home starting from $500.

via Art Melbourne website

And if you’re a US reader and happen to be in New York this weekend, Jonathan Adler is holding a Warehouse Sale at 513 Irving Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can expect 70% off furniture, rugs, lighting and homewares. Wish I was there. I just love his OTT style.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design

And if you are about to build or renovate but are overwhelmed with all the choices available and decisions to make, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.

Crimson Stripes

I’m loving the new red rugs from Armadillo & Co.

Band Stripe Rug

Sally Potharst and Jodie Fried founded rug company Armadillo & Co when they were working together on a rug for Jodie’s Bholu collection.

Sas Lena from Bholu

Made by artisans who are cared for under the Fair Trade practices, these rugs are Armadillo’s first adventure into colour.

I love the combination of strong stripes and bold colour and made from 100% wool, they are soft underfoot. Perfect for winter.

Ribbon Stripe Rug

What about you? Would you like some colour on your floor?

Contact us for pricing and delivery.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Art is such a subjective piece of decor. Hold up an artwork and everyone has an opinion. And those opinions are very rarely those of the artist or the art owner.

Interior Decorating by Inside Out Colour and Design

I believe the art you have in your home should be a true reflection of you – your style, your history or your emotions.

My advice to clients, is to always buy something that YOU like. Don’t buy it because it is the same colour as the cushions or it is supposedly going to increase in value. If it does, then that’s a bonus but first and foremost it should tug at your heartstrings.

Brett Hayes via Gallery Oscar

Canadian Interior Decorator and Colourist, Maria Killam is currently in the market for art for her new home and has asked the blogging world to jump on board with some advice on what to choose. It’s an interesting discussion with loads of great advice. You can check it out here.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some artworks for your walls, Art Sydney is being held this weekend.

Vencent Ko via Sydney Galleries

The show used to be called Affordable Art but was renamed Art Sydney and showcases artists from around Australia.

It was at last year’s show that I first met Chris Chun. His almost naive paintings of food really tugged at my hearstrings! I don’t think Chris will be there this year as he is touring the globe and is currently in Malaysia.

Chris Chun

Another favourite artist of mine will be exhibiting this year. Robyn Kennedy creates amazing artworks from textiles. I first saw Robyn’s work about 5 years ago and bought a piece for my collection. She uses antique Asian textiles and other fabrics to create stunning collages.

Robyn Kennedy

So think about what you have on your walls. Does it tell a story? Does it transport you to another time or place?

Enjoy a walk around Art Sydney but only buy what you truly love.

If you would like assistance in creating your harmonious environment, contact us to enquire about our design services.

My Makeover

Whilst I’ve been away enjoying myself, the fairies have been giving my blog a makeover.

Firstly, I decided after blogging for 18 months and writing some 170 plus posts, the name Inside Out Colour and Design Blog was a bit cumbersome. You see that is my business name and at them time I couldn’t think of anything better. So after having time to reflect I have decided to be henceforth known as Decorum!

Choosing names is so much harder than choosing paint colours, I think. When I started my business I wanted a name that didn’t need an explanation. As I am both an Interior Decorator AND a Colour Consultant and I choose colours for both inside and outside, I needed something that said as much. It’s a bit of a mouthful, and many people get writer’s cramp when I tell them my email address but I figure it works as a descriptive title.

I also wanted to add a little of me to the header I wanted it to reflect my personal style so I engaged the very talented Caitlin McGauley to design an artwork that typifies me and what I’m about. A couple of emails later and this is the fabulous painting that now sits at the top of my blog.

I also wanted to use bigger images. For me it’s all about the images as I am a very visual person and think most people that read a design blog also want to see more images than text. Do you agree?

I also write a monthly newsletter which is completely different from my blog posts. I try to give more indepth details on styles, colours and decor for your home. If you don’t receive one, you can sign up here.

So a million thank yous to the ladies behind my makoever and also to you my readers for dropping by and leaving comments.

Strike me Pink……and Aqua

I wanted to share with you a new piece of art we have hanging in our home.

As you know, it was my daughter’s birthday recently and she has aspirations of being a fashion designer. She is also ready to redecorate her bedroom and has decided that her new colour scheme will be pink and aqua.

We found this image at Better Homes and Gardens and will be taking our colour inspiration from it.

via Better Homes and Gardens

So when I came across the works of Laura Trevey I knew it would be a welcome addition to the room – aqua, pink and fashion.

Chic in Pink by Laura Trevey

Girlie Girl by Laura Trevey

I bought four prints the same size and had them all framed together in one large white frame.I must admit I was a little worried the colours wouldn’t be as bright in the flesh as they were on my computer screen. But I had no cause for concern as they were exactly as I had expected.

Framed artwork

I love all of Laura’s watercolours for their bright colours and her whimsical style. She writes a fabulous blog on art, photography, fashion, design and entertainment.

Chesapeake Bay Crab by Laura Trevey

They would look great in any room in any home.

Caribbean Time by Laura Trevey

What do you think?

Dresses on the Rack by Laura Trevey

If you would like assistance sourcing the perfect artwork for your home, contact us to arrange an appointment either online or in person.

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