Bathroom Shaping Up

It’s been all systems go at the renovation of our Californian Bungalow in Sydney.

Architect’s drawings

The roofers were there last week and have finished tiling the roof. We asked that the old tiles, which were removed from the parts we demolished, be kept and put on the new addition which can be seen from the street. This makes the new bit blend in with the old. We really want the place to look like it was always like that so are trying to follow through with the period style fittings where practicable. Like the skirting boards, cornices and window hardware.

Original skirting boards and window architraves

The windows are in and the brickies have been busy bricking up the outside walls. The skylights have been put in too so you can really get a feel for what the place will be like when finished.

Bathroom windows – translucent for privacy

One of the new additions to the house is a full sized bathroom. It is located in the same position and is the same size as the old guest bedroom.

Old guest bedroom

The architects designed it with a bay window where the bath will sit. This bay is to replicate the bay window at the front of the house in the dining room.

Transition of the old house and new extension

Now that it’s built, we can see how clever this little touch is. It breaks the line between the old and the new part of the house so any change in materials or way of building (between 1920 and 2012) is not so noticeable.

On the inside, the bathroom has been framed up ready for the drop in oval bath to sit in the window and the nib walls enclosing the vanity are in place too.

Bath frame ready for drop in oval bath

So now I’m ordering tiles, light fittings and bathroomware and trying to heed my own advice! I’ve spent ages trying to decide on which tiles and have abandoned all the choices I made 6 years ago when we had the plans drawn up.

Final tile and paint selection

Of course my daughter is 6 years older now and naturally has her own opinions on how it should look and what she would like. As she will be the main person using that room I guess I have to at least listen to her requests.

Nib walls built to house the vanity

No matter what it looks like, it will be a vast improvement on the minute bathroom we used to have at this end of the house.

Good riddance old bathroom

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Bathroom Stats

This past week I’ve been choosing all the bathroom fittings and fixtures for our home renovation. I’ve helped many clients design and/or remodel their bathrooms in the past so I pretty much knew what I wanted.

But I’ve still been going over and over all my choices, just incase there was something I hadn’t considered, that may be better. Agonising stuff! I’m usually pretty good at decisions but there’s alot riding on this renovation.

So, I bought the Australian House and Garden Bathroom Lookbook. It has a gorgeous bathroom on the front cover by the very talented (and very humorous) Camilla Molders.

I loved reading all the stats on bathrooms that was included in the back of the book.

Did you know?

1 is the average number of months it takes an architect to complete a bathroom renovation.

1.7 is the average number of bathrooms in an Australian home.

20 metres is the maximum distance you should have between your hot-water system and bathroom outlets.

14,500 is the number of litres of water saved per year in an average home by installing a water-efficient showerhead.

89 is the number of 300mm square sheets of mosaic tiles you’ll need to cover an average wall measuring 2.7metres square.

18 years is the lifespan of the average bathroom.

600mm x 300mm is the most popular choice for wall tiles and 450mm x 450mm for floors.

20mm is the recommended step-down in the shower area of a wet room to prevent water seeping onto other parts of the floor.

500mm is the recommended depth for a bathroom benchtop.

4 is about how many hours you’ll need to wait for the tile grout to dry.


$18,500 is the cost of the average bathroom renovation.

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**All bathrooms designed by Inside Out Colour and Design and photographed by Lyn Johnston Photography***



Calling all bathroom renovators

Aeria Country Floors is holding it’s Annual Warehouse Sale starting today with up to 70% off!

Travertine Quarry

If you are renovating or remodelling and looking for tiles or mosaics then you shouldn’t miss this one.

Travertine Bathroom Tiles on Floor and Walls

Aeria is well known for their great selection of fine quality, fully imported natural stone tiles and slabs as well as stone sinks and Antique and Ceramic Accessories.

Luxurious bathroom with natural stone tiles and timber vanity

Natural stone bathrooms are still very popular giving a luxurious retreat feeling to a bathroom.

Natural Stone Basin

The sale is for 5 days only at the Sydney Warehouse, 2 Aquatic Drive, Frenchs Forest between 8.30am and 3.30pm starting today. Don’t forget to take your quantities with you.

White Ceramic Pitchers

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Love Rules

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it’s time to look at a few items for your Love Shack.

Heart Shaped Truffles

When looking to inject some romance into your interior, go no further than the colour Pink. Red is for passion but pink is for romance. Because of its soft, cosy and romantic nature, pink is perfect for the bedroom. It makes the skin glow and what better place to make use of those flattering reflections?

Pink Bedroom

Putting some romance into your home can also be achieved by pairing things together. In the bathroom, if you have the space, instal twin basins in the vanity. This allows for two people to use the bathroom at the same time and also makes sure your toothpaste doesn’t get mixed up with your partner’s shaving cream!

Twin Vanity

A double shower is another luxury that can be installed if space permits. This is a great time to use different shower heads in each shower so you have the choice of a rain shower or a standard shower.

Double Shower

You could always add a little two seater sofa into the lounge room. This little piece from Jardan would suit any decor.

Loveseat by Jardan

Or you could recover an existing chair in heart fabric.

Heart fabric covered chair

Matching His and Hers sunlounges around the pool or on the patio make a great place to sit and relax and read the Sunday papers.

His and Hers Sunlounges

So once you’ve redecorated to create your cosy little shack, don’t forget to fill the table with candles and flowers and indulge in a romantic dinner for two.

Dinner for Two

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click on images to be taken to their source.


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The Wash Up

Remember at the beginning of the week I was racing off to check out a bathroom we’d been working on?

Ensuite ready to be tiled

It looked fabulous and the client is so happy with the extra room they now have.

Shower area in esuite ready for tiling

You see, there was a spare bedroom next to the master bedroom that had become the family dump-all. We all have those, right? And next to that was a long walk in linen closet.

Floor plan of proposed alterations

As you can see, the spare bedroom was home to drum kits, extra clothes, bench press and husband’s paraphenalia.

Spare Bedroom Before

So we decided to convert the two areas into a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom. This involved knocking holes in walls, relocating the access door to the master bedroom and creating a new linen cupboard.

New walk in wardrobe

Then, seeing we were giving the home an ensuite, we decided the existing upstairs bathroom needed updating too.

New Ensuite

Ensuite Shower

The shower was under the window, which wasn’t ideal, so we moved things around and gave the room a more streamlined look by getting rid of the feature tiles and installing a frameless shower screen.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before

New Bathroom

New bathroom vanity

The family home has a separate toilet next to the bathroom so we updated it with a back-to-wall suite and lay new tiles the same as in the bathroom.

New toilet

The end result is a better use of space for this family as well as giving everything a fresh new look.


If you would like assistance with your family home renovation, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


Bathroom Niches


Just racing out the door to visit a client who has finally finished their second floor alterations. We changed a bedroom to a dressing room and ensuite, gave the original bathroom a makeover and had new carpet laid.

One thing I love in a bathroom is a bit of display space. A niche where you can display lovely bottles of perfume or some fluffy towels just seems to soften the room that is usually full of hard surfaces.

What about you? Do you like open shelving or do all those dust collectors bother you?

If you would like assistance creating a new look for your bathroom, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

PS. I’m afraid I have had these in my folder of tear sheets for ages and so have no idea where they are from. Most likely, I’ve ripped them out of House and Garden, Home Beautiful, Inside Out or Queensland Homes magazines over the last 10 years. I do apologise.



Cool Things

I received an email last week with a load of photos of cool things for interiors.

I love Pacman

I thought a few of them were actually quite cool. Have a look, what do you think?

Nice to have an option

Me thinks this might be nightmare material

All the morning rituals

New look sunken lounge

Space saving bookcase

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Seven Top Tips For Bathroom Renovating

I’m currently working on three bathrooms for three clients, so seem to be dreaming about bathrooms lately.

I thought I’d share my seven top tips worth considering when you are renovating your bathroom

  1. To make the floor area look larger, lay square floor tiles on the diagonal.
  2. To make the ceiling feel higher lay rectangular wall tiles upright.

    Bathroom by Inside Out Colour and Design Photography by Lyn Johnston

  3. To make the room feel wider, lay rectangular wall tiles on their side.
  4. For ease of cleaning and neatness of the room, choose a Back To Wall toilet.
  5. The ideal lighting is either side of the mirror at head height. It casts a warm healthy glow on your face and makes applying makeup or shaving easier.

    Bathroom at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver

  6. Wall hung vanities make the room look bigger and the floor easier to clean.
  7. If you are not tiling to the ceiling, keep the horizontal line of the room the same – shower screen, door, window, mirror and tile height should be the same.

    Bathroom by Lewin Wertheimer via desire2inspire

If you would like assistance renovating your bathroom, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.



Saturday in Design 2011

Well after a wet and miserable Friday, the sun came out shining on Saturday for Saturday in Design 2011.

We started our day at Reece who always serve a fabulous breakfast. Orange juice, Bircher muesli and Brushetta with smoked salmon. All while checking out the new range of toilets and basins.

via Reece website

Next door to Reece at Surry Hills is Poliform. They have my dream wardrobes as well as other furniture items. Their Miele display kitchen was getting a workout and we were able to give our stamp of approval to the egg and prosciutto rolls that had just come out of the oven. Mmm mmm!

A short courtesy bus ride delivered us to Great Dane at Redfern. The showroom was full as guest designer Benjamin Hubert was about to explain his design process.

Great Dane

Tait Outdoor is right next door to Great Dane. I love their outdoor range. I’m not sure if it was coming out of a cold wet winter that made me think everything was so colourful or whether it was more colourful than past releases.

Colourful umbrellas

The street outside these showrooms was set up like a market with stalls providing an array of food options.

Market stalls

We then ventured further south to a specially leased warehouse that housed a number of displays. I love it when I find a new supplier or one I hadn’t used for a while. Giati Designs were showcasing their range of outdoor fabrics. 100% solution-dyed acrylics are guaranteed sunfast, durable, scrubbable, stain and mildew resistant. I hadn’t seen them before.

Range of outdoor fabrics

Also in the same venue was Bloom with their wonderful lit planter pots. These make spectacular talking pieces on a deck or in a courtyard with their warm glow in various colours. And they’ve recently released cubes in various sizes which make great outdoor seats.

Bloom Pots and other shapes

And next to Bloom was Wallcandy with a great range of wallpapers. I loved the shoe wallpaper.

Wallcandy Wallpapers

We left Waterloo and headed to Chippendale to Insitu. They have a great range of chairs for all occasions. Insitu had a lovely lunch set out so naturally we had to oblige. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the showroom for a while as we ate and planned our next port of call.

Lunch at Insitu

Hub Furniture was the place to be by the looks of the crowds in the showroom. A selection of rugs, lamps, sofas and chairs were on display as well as some funky homewares.

Favourite light fitting from Hub Furniture

Our last stop of the day was at Alexandria where we looked at Cosh Living, Ke-zu, Splash and Space before we headed home foot-sore and weary.

It was a great day, as usual, and fabulous to be able to see so many design precincts and showrooms all on the one day. Thanks to the organisers for arranging such a wonderful day.




What do you think of wallpaper?

I stumbled across a forum the other day where the topic of discussion was wallpaper. I was surprised to read that a number of people in the forum STRONGLY disliked wallpaper.


However, I think many people are confusing today’s wallpaper with the papers that were most probably in their childhood homes. Those patterns were very busy in strong colours and the paper was difficult to both instal and remove. And the trend was to have just as much pattern on the soft furnishings and flooring as there was on the walls and curtains. No wonder we all had to have a Bex and a good lie down!


Todays papers are much more elegant in their colour and design and are used in moderation.

A wall behind a bed that has been wallpapered looks fabulous.

Interior by Inside Out Colour and Design

Wallpaper under glass in the kitchen splashback creates interest and texture.

via Inside Out Magazine

Adventurous homeowners can even wallpaper the ceiling.


By using the wallpaper in moderation, it’s not that onerous a task to change it when required.

Wallpaper in the smallest room of the house via

So have I convinced you? Do you like today’s wallpapers or have you been scarred for life by the wallpapers of the 60’s and 70’s?

If you would like assistance choosing wallpaper for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

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