Gelati Colours

Yesterday morning on my walk around the suburb, I noticed the window in the local dress boutique had changed.

I didn’t take too much notice other than it had changed and there were some pretty colours there. Half way down the street, I did a double take and a U turn and headed right back to that window.

New season fashion in the local boutique window

New season fashion in the local boutique window

I stood there looking trying to remember where I had last seen that colour combination. Then it hit me. I had a dessert a few months earlier those very same colours. They are sugary colours, aren’t they?

Dessert with Persian Fairy Floss

Dessert with Persian Fairy Floss

Lemon, mint and pale pink are definitely gelati type colours. Each of these hues are exactly the same on the grey scale so not one colour dominates. They all sit perfectly harmoniously together and look very delicate.

Pink, green and yellow living room

Pink, green and yellow living room

So I started to wonder if that combination was out there in home decor.

Young girls' room decorated in Gelati colours of pink, green and yellow

Young girls’ room decorated in Gelati colours of pink, green and yellow

What do you think? Would you use this combination of colours in your home?

Scatter cushion in pink, green and yellow although a little more neon than the dessert

Scatter cushion in pink, green and yellow although a little more neon than the dessert

If you would like assistance choosing colours for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


Small and Bright

Our friends over at Armadillo&Co have been busy creating new rugs to warm the cockles of your heart.

Living room with Armadillo&Co rug designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

Living room with Armadillo&Co rug designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

These gorgeous rugs are all ethically made from sustainable materials and the company gives back to the weavers’ local villages to promote childhood learning. So buying a rug from Armadillo&Co not only enhances your own living space but creates a wealth of support for future generations.

One of the signature designs of Armadillo&Co’s rug collection is the Flower Weave collection where the rugs look like flowers. They are about to release a little sister to Marigold and Dandelion and have called her Daisy. She looks perfect for a girls’ bedroom or in an entry.

Armadillo&Co's Daisy Rug

Armadillo&Co’s Daisy Rug

And there’s other rugs coming suitable for children’s rooms too. Check out the catalogue!

Casablanca by Armadillo&Co in multicolour

Casablanca by Armadillo&Co in multicolour

And being a colour lover, I am also enamored with the addition of mulit-colour to the Casablanca rug. Now there are 28 colours that can be mixed and matched to create a unique rug to add that special pop in your home. It can be made as a rug or a runner and the fun part is, you get to choose the colour combination. This rug is part of the Designer Collection so only available through your favourite interior decorator!

The new Twine Weave made from 100% Argentinian Wool by Armadillo&Co

The new Twine Weave made from 100% Argentinian Wool by Armadillo&Co

If you would like to investigate these rugs further, contact us. We’d love to help.


Re-Love Project

Well I’ve finally finished giving some love to my 1980’s pine television cabinet.


After sanding, staining, top coating and a little bit of upholstering, the item is complete.

Storage Unit

As an Interior Decorator working mostly with families, my plan was to create a piece that would suit a family home. Storage is always a sought after commodity with a growing family, so a piece of furniture that could be used as storage, look good and also be used as a seat would be a great asset.

Re-loved TV Cabinet

This little piece would be equally at home in a child’s bedroom, family room or entry.

Now it’s your turn to help the Salvos Stores. As from 9 May, you can bid on this piece and the other pieces of furniture that are being Re-loved by designers across the country.

Check out the pieces here and keep an eye out for the opening of the bidding.

Storage Unit from TV Cabinet

A big thank you to Feast Watson for inviting me to participate in this project.

If you would like assistance sourcing storage furniture for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Fairy Tales for Hope

I can’t think of anything worse than losing a child. I don’t think it would matter what age you or the child were. It’s just not the way it should be that the child goes before the parent.

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

With all our medical knowledge there are still many families being affected by stillbirth. One such family was Melbourne parents Simon and Sally Heppleston who after a healthy 40 week pregnancy had to face a future without their baby and without the fairy tales they had planned on reading to her.

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Melbourne Graphic artist Tonia Composto, a family friend of the Heppleston’s, decided to create a limited edition of prints to fund stillbirth research. The Fairy Tales for Hope project, which has already sold nearly 2000 prints and raised almost $40,000 for the Stillbirth Foundation Australia, has a set of new illustrations celebrating various dates in the calendar. The original release of fairy tale artwork is still available and would look great in a child’s bedroom. And what a good cause your purchase would be supporting!

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Sadly, six families in Australia suffer this devastating fate each day, with more than 2000 babies stillborn each year. “I still can’t believe this happens to people daily,” said Ms Composto. The grief, the sorrow, the injustice of it breaks me down. Sally never hid her grief and has fought for Hope’s memory since the day she lost her.”



Don’t Put It Down

Put It AWAY!

That’s one of my favourite sayings. I’m a bit of a neat freak and love being organised. I think it comes from being born under the sign of Virgo. No matter how hard I try I just can’t train the rest of the family to be neat AND organised.

Hamblin Chest – we had one like this in our daughter’s bedroom. Great for all the toys and she could put everything away in a basket when she was finished.

Not putting things back where they belong really drives me insane. At the moment someone (who will remain un-named) did not put the balcony key back where it belongs and we are unable to access the balcony at the moment. Drives me CRAZY!

So it’s no wonder I got very excited when I saw this collection of storage solutions from our friends at Whiteport.

Nantucket Buffet – fabulous for the dining room

And they are all so stylish and reasonably priced. Hop on to their website and check it out. Go, get organised.

Hampden Bedside Chest – love dual purpose storage

I’m going back to look for the lost key. When I find it, I think I’ll put an oversized something on it, like they do at garage and cafe toilets!

If you need assistance choosing storage furniture for your family home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


Bam Bam by Alhambra

Last week, Alhambra launched their latest fabric collections in Australia.

The Spanish textile company is represented here by Elliott Clarke and I loved seeing the new children’s collection.

It’s really easy to find cutsie fabrics for babies and toddlers but not so easy once the child becomes a little person with their own likes and dislikes. So this collection is a welcome addition to the market.

I reckon a few big kids could use some of these fabrics and wallpapers too. The spots and stripes could be used in a myriad of rooms.

Do you like?


If you would like assistance finding fabrics and wallpapers for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

My take on shopping at Ikea

Last month I visited the brand new Ikea store in Sydney.

Ikea Bedroom

I’m not a frequent visitor to Ikea as the stores, which get bigger and bigger every couple of years, are not usually that close to me geographically. But I was keen to visit the new store in Tempe to check out the size of the shop and to see what’s new.

Ikea Entertainment Unit

When I lived in Hong Kong, Ikea was a staple destination for setting up house. The store was located in Causeway Bay and as most of the residences in Hong Kong were small, one had to be really clever about storage which is something Ikea do really well. Also, most expats were in Hong Kong for a two or three year initial contract, so Ikea products were selected as they were relatively cheap and it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t last more than five years.

Ikea Kitchen with Mirrored Splashback

My recent trip to Ikea, confirmed that this is pretty much still the case. They do great looking items at good prices but I find the quality is just not there. If you’re looking for something that will last for many years, like my sofa, then Ikea is not the most ideal retailer for you.

Ikea Wall Unit

However, I do like the way they set up the rooms so you can see all the components and it’s a great place to visit if you are looking for ideas. It’s also great for kids furniture if you are wanting something to tie you over until they get to the next stage and require (deserve) something a little more sturdy.

Ikea Bunk Bed

And then of course there’s all those decorator pieces at the end of the Ikea stores. Tea Lights, glass vases, photo frames, plates, trays and glassware are all well priced and can add a touch of colour to your home.

Ikea Desk and Stationery Folders

Like all furniture, I think it looks best when mixed with items from different places to give a personal look to your interior decor rather than buying everything from the one place.

Ikea Iron Bed

Enjoy your week.


If you would like assistance creating a unique family home with a mixture of furniture and decor pieces, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


Spoilt for choice

Wednesday, half way through the week and time to think about the weekend. And what a weekend it is too. Look at all the events, sales and shows that are on. Great for those planning to renovate or decorate their home.

First, there is the HIA Sydney Home Show at Darling Harbour which starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday. It’s a great place to wander around and gather some ideas and see what products are available.


Or if you are in the midst of renovating or building and need some tiles or stone slabs, Aeria Country Floors is holding a Warehouse Sale at their factory in Frenchs Forest. The sale will get under way at 8.30am tomorrow morning at 2 Aquatic Drive, French’s Forest and will be open each day between 8.30 and 3.30 finishing on Sunday.

Stone Basin and Tiles form Aeria Country Floors

Read and Bell are having a Trunk Sale at Newtown. If you are looking for a touch of ethnicism for your wardrobe or decor, you must take a look.

Quilts from recycled saris via Read and Bell

Markets? Finders Keepers is on again in Sydney at Eveleigh on Friday night and all day Saturday.

Click Image for Source

Need new bedding? KAS Australia is holding a Warehouse Sale at their factory, 78 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria from 9 – 5 on Sautrday and Sunday. Items start from $5.

KAS Australia Faraday Bedding

If art is more your thang and you are in Melbourne, head over to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for Art Melbourne. Over 80 galleries and 600 artists will be displaying their work and you could pick up a new piece for your home starting from $500.

via Art Melbourne website

And if you’re a US reader and happen to be in New York this weekend, Jonathan Adler is holding a Warehouse Sale at 513 Irving Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can expect 70% off furniture, rugs, lighting and homewares. Wish I was there. I just love his OTT style.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design

And if you are about to build or renovate but are overwhelmed with all the choices available and decisions to make, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.

New Lamp

I do hope you enjoyed your day yesterday celebrating Mother’s Day.

I thought I’d show you one more instalment into my daughter’s very gradual bedroom makeover.

Remember I found these gorgeous pink ceramic pieces a couple of months ago.


Pink Ceramics

And this fabulous new fabric from Crowson.


I put the two together and came up with this fabulous new lamp.

Custom Made Lamp

She loves it!


If you are having difficulty trying to find lamps or other accessories, contact us and take advantage of our extensive list of suppliers or visit The Store Room to see the two I have for sale there.

Build A Room From Scratch

Live House Bathroom

Did you manage to venture over to the Hordern Pavilion during the past week? The Live House of the 30 Days of Home, Food and Entertaining was there for 7 days.

Live House Dining Room

I managed to squeeze in a couple of visits and took these photos of the “rooms” to show you.

Live House Family Dining Table

Girl's Bedroom

Boy's Bedroom

The lounge room came to life before my very eyes as I attended the Build A Room From Scratch workshop with Real Living Magazine Editor Deb Bibby and Senior Stylist Sarah Ellison.

Deb Bibby and Sarah Ellison before the transformations

They put together two rooms with completely different looks using all items from Freedom Furniture. As Deb said, ordinarily she wouldn’t recommend purchasing everything from the one place as it can end up looking too matchy, matchy with not much personality. However, Freedom have extended their range considerably over the years and now stock items from many different styles including industrial, provincial, modern, retro, and contemporary. Putting a little bit of everything into one room is challenging but does create a unique space.

Metropolitan Sofa from Freedom

Starting with a black leather sofa and 2 white leather swivel chairs, Sarah created a comfortable living room for adults.

Completed Room

The “other” room was to become the children’s TV room or fun family area. The swivel chairs were turned around to sit adjacent to the limited edition Digital Sofa which would become the main furniture piece in the room. The end result was a bright, fun space for relaxing and watching television or playing games.

Digital Sofa and side tables

Sarah layered items into the room keeping in mind proportion, colour and height of objects to give an interesting result.

Completed Fun Family Room

There’s still time to check out the remaining events of 30 Days of Home, Food and Entertaining before the end of the month.

If you would like assistance, building a room from scratch, or just layering some more pieces to give it that unique look, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.


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