Not the Rough End

Pineapple cushions at Sentosa Designs

Last week I visited one of my suppliers, Sentosa Designs.

Sentosa Designs furniture featuring pineapples

They specialise in colonial style furniture as well as a range of campaign furniture.

Campaign style drinks cabinet

I noticed the profusion of pineapples in their styling so started to hunt around and see what else I could find.

Pineapple Lamp

The pineapple is associated with welcoming and in my mind also says SUMMER!

Wooden Pineapples

I went in search of other pineapple inspired home decor and found cushions, lamps and even ice cube trays.

Pineapple Ice Trays

What do you think? Could you add some pineapple decor to your home?

Pineapple Wall Hooks

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At last week’s Reed Gift Fair, soft furnishing company, Bandhini released their Spring Collection. I didn’t make it to the fair so jumped at the opportunity to check out the new range at their Sydney showing at Boyd Blue.

Tai Shaffler, designer of Bandhini showed me around her new collection which was beautifully displayed in Boyd Blue’s Sydney showroom. Boyd Blue is an agent to a number of suppliers and their “Trade Only” showroom is always a delight to visit.

I couldn’t believe how well the new Bandhini collection complements the Designer Boys‘ artwork. Or is that the Designer Boys’ artwork complements the Bandhini range? Either way, they looked fabulous together and I had to ask if they had collaborated.

Tai said no and she remembered watching the boys on The Block thinking that they would love her stuff. She explained that when the did finally meet at a trade fair, the boys pretty much took everything on display. Definitely on the same wave length, still now!

Bandhini’s products are all made from natural fibres and vat dyes. Embellishments are attached by hand in the traditional style and inspiration comes from culture and nature.

You can see the exquisite detail in the Mother of Pearl Lumber cushion.

Shells, buttons, pearls, tufts, coins, sequins, felt flowers, tassels and even a horse bit are all sewn on to the covers to give a textural look and feel to any bed or sofa. With so many colours and patterns there’s something for everyone.

You can purchase Bandhini cushions and other soft furnishings through Inside Out Colour and Design. Contact us with your preferences.

Towels, Sheets and Cushions

It’s that time of the year again when KAS Australia hold their Warehouse Sale.

I love KAS for their fun and colourful designs at great prices. And when they are on Sale, I love them even more. It’s the perfect time to find some new soft furnishings for Spring.

Sale time at KAS Australia

If you can’t get to the warehouse in Sydney, then you can shop online and still take advantage of the sale.

Have a great weekend shopping up a storm.

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Birds of a Feather

Set of three standing bird ornaments

As an Interior Decorator, it is our responsibility to keep up to date with the latest trends and products available on the market. One of the ways to keep updated is to visit Trade Fairs from time to time. Last week there were three being held simultaneously in Sydney.

Bird on a soapdish

It was an exhausting week visiting each of the gift and homewares fairs and after the visits the brochures and flyers that I’ve collected need to be filed and bookmarked for future reference.

Birds on a clock

It’s also good to sit back afterwards and think about the shows on a whole and look for trends in decor and homewares.

Birds on the top of a tiered cake stand

One of the trends I noticed was the Bird Trend. There seemed to birds everywhere on all sorts of decorator pieces for the home.

Birds on a scatter cushion

Eighteen months ago it was the Bird Cage Trend. So I guess it only follows that now everyone has a cage, they now the birds to go with the cages.

Bird on a paperweight

Or is it all the interest in Twitter?

Antique looking wallhook

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When Three is Not A Crowd

I was in a store yesterday and a lady was buying a number of ceramic balls to place on a tray in her entry. She was looking at two balls and I overheard the shop assistant say, “it has to be three”.

Yes, I thought, it has to be three or five or seven, never two or four or six.

Flower arrangement with three focal flowers

You see, odd numbers of items appear to be thrown together rather than arranged. Our eyes try to split even numbers into smaller groups but that can’t be done with odd numbers.

Margaret Olley's Artichokes via ANG Art Consulting

The asymmetrical arrangement of odd numbers will add visual interest to an area or collection and help create visual flow.  Objects that appear in threes or fives are more appealing, memorable and effective than even number groupings.

We Three Kings photograph by Emily J Photography

Odd numbers also give dimension as we can create a front, middle and back and this creates a sense of balance.

3 cushions on a bed by Inside Out Colour and Design

We find odd numbers pleasing to the eye as well as being more intriguing.

Cushions on a sofa by Inside Out Colour and Design

If you would like assistance in making your home more intriguing, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


PS. And look, it’s my 300th post on the 30th of November. Freud would have alot to say about that!



Grab yourself a bargain

It seems everyone is having a sale. This is great as it means we can get our Christmas shopping done early and avoid the crowds. Now what would you like to buy?

Paper products?

Corban and Blair

Bed Linen?

KAS Australia

Throws and cushions?

Emma Jay

Fabric remanants so you can get crafty?

Signature Prints

Intersting and Quirky homewares?


Go forth and grab yourself a bargain. Some of them are online so you don’t even have to leave home!

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Fashion Colours for Spring

I managed to take some time out last week and have a stroll around my local shopping centre checking out the new season fashions. I love the change of seasons and seeing the new colours gracing the shop windows and soon to be our wardrobes and then of course our home decor.

Many of the shops were featuring the classic black and white stripes.

Jessica Stripe Dress from Queenspark

Black and white has been gracing our lives for the longest time. It looks very modern yet can be at home in any decor. And no matter what decorator colour you add, your room is going to look fabulous.

via Decorpad

Coloured jeans are also this season’s “must haves”. Watermelon, Steel and Desert are the colours of one particular fashion store.

Sportscraft Coloured Jeans

Those colours sound a bit better than red, blue and brown, don’t they? But watermelon is softer than red and much easier to live with as decor pieces in the home.

Jonathan Adler via Elle Decor

Steel is like a washed out navy and is ideal for a more relaxed room. You could even paint a wall or two in steel rather than the stronger navy blue.

Steel Blue Dining Room

We’ve all been through the browns over the past decade or so. Many of our houses (and wardrobes) still have remnants of chocolate, latte, cappuccino and mocha so Desert is a way to add depth without having to start all over again. It can be teamed with a wide variety of colours too!

Bianca Bed Linen from KAS Australia

And then I saw this stunning colour combination.

via Kookai

The zing of the orange is balanced beautifully with the depth of the cranberry.

Orange and Cranberry for Warwick Fabrics

So what colours are you wearing or decorating with this Spring?

If you would like assistance choosing the right colours for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Mixing it up

Don’t you just love the new seasons and all the exciting new colours that come with it?

It can certainly have challenges though. Like how do you mix a pair of brown boots that you bought new last winter with this year’s predominently grey clothing?

The same thing can happen in your home. You want to rush out and buy up the latest cushions and throws but will they go with your chocolate brown sofa?

This was the topic of my article in the latest edition of St Ives Village Life.

You can read my suggestions here by going to the June 2011 article.

If you would like assistance mixing the latest trends with your existing decor, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


Console Dilemma

TGIF! It’s been a big week again with lots of things happening on all different levels. I am looking forward to the weekend, which unfortunatley goes all too quickly.

I thought I’d show you the finishing touches I have recently added to a room makeover.

You remember this one, Country to Hamptons.

Orange checks before

We painted the walls, reupholstered the sofas, purchased new coffee and side table, had new cushions made and bought new lamps.

Revamped Lounge Room

The clients had a console table on the wall behind one of the sofas and we now needed to “dress” the table.

Console Table Before

I was inpsired by this image from Taylor Howes and loved the symmetry of the two lamps and two tall ginger jars. Fortuantely, my clients did too.

Decor by Taylor Howes

I set about sourcing the jars and lamps, but wasn’t really happy with anything I could find. Many of the ginger jars were very Asian, with dragons or the longevity character on them.

Chinese Ginger Jar

The lamps weren’t right either.

I then started thinking that we would end up with four lamps in a confined area and the lounge may end up looking like a lamp showroom! I love lamps, but……

We had used this wonderful fabric for cushions on the sofa, so that led me to thinking about coral. Then instead of lamps, maybe we could use candlesticks?

Coral Trellis Fabric in Porcelain

And I found these wonderful, modern ginger jars from OB Collection.

Bamboo Ginger Jars

So that was it, I had all my pieces. Now I needed to work out how to display them. Fortunately I have a console table too, so I set about mocking up a couple of alternatives.

Option 1

I had a large and a small ginger jar but felt the height was wrong for the two of them to sit together.

Option 2

So back to the original symmetrical look.

My clients loved it and I was able to use a couple of their favourite books to prop up the bowl of coral and shells.

Completed Console Table

You too can create this look, as I have a piece of the Coral Trellis fabric for sale in The Store Room as well as the two smaller ginger jars that I didn’t end up using.

Have a fabulous weekend.

If you would like assistance sourcing items for your home, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.

Spoilt for choice

Wednesday, half way through the week and time to think about the weekend. And what a weekend it is too. Look at all the events, sales and shows that are on. Great for those planning to renovate or decorate their home.

First, there is the HIA Sydney Home Show at Darling Harbour which starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday. It’s a great place to wander around and gather some ideas and see what products are available.


Or if you are in the midst of renovating or building and need some tiles or stone slabs, Aeria Country Floors is holding a Warehouse Sale at their factory in Frenchs Forest. The sale will get under way at 8.30am tomorrow morning at 2 Aquatic Drive, French’s Forest and will be open each day between 8.30 and 3.30 finishing on Sunday.

Stone Basin and Tiles form Aeria Country Floors

Read and Bell are having a Trunk Sale at Newtown. If you are looking for a touch of ethnicism for your wardrobe or decor, you must take a look.

Quilts from recycled saris via Read and Bell

Markets? Finders Keepers is on again in Sydney at Eveleigh on Friday night and all day Saturday.

Click Image for Source

Need new bedding? KAS Australia is holding a Warehouse Sale at their factory, 78 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria from 9 – 5 on Sautrday and Sunday. Items start from $5.

KAS Australia Faraday Bedding

If art is more your thang and you are in Melbourne, head over to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for Art Melbourne. Over 80 galleries and 600 artists will be displaying their work and you could pick up a new piece for your home starting from $500.

via Art Melbourne website

And if you’re a US reader and happen to be in New York this weekend, Jonathan Adler is holding a Warehouse Sale at 513 Irving Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can expect 70% off furniture, rugs, lighting and homewares. Wish I was there. I just love his OTT style.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design

And if you are about to build or renovate but are overwhelmed with all the choices available and decisions to make, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.

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