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this is THE busiest time of the year for my industry. Which is why a week and a bit went past without me appearing here on the blog. It just gets frantic as I chase up clients to place their orders, follow up suppliers to ensure they’ve received the orders and that they can fulfill them prior to Christmas and their summer holidays. Most manufacturers close over January and keeping a track on when they close and when they re-open is almost a full time job. Fortunately I have a spreadsheet for that! Throw in launches, new product releases and end of year soirees and it’s no wonder I have no idea what day it is.

Tinsel Tangle

So a little recap on the past week or so.

I attended the pre-launch function, held by Interiors Addict at BoConcept for the Greg Natale‘s The Tailored Interior. I’m a bit in awe of Greg. He’s so clever and terribly humble. Furniture, rugs, carpets, wallpaper and now a book to showcase his amazing talent. The book is fabulous with lots of how to’s and of course stunning imagery of his beautiful tailored spaces. Great Christmas present if you’re trying to find something for that person who loves interiors.

The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale

The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale

I’ve been working with a couple who are giving their home a makeover and bringing it out of the ’70’s. We’ve chosen a new colour scheme for inside and out (banished that dark timber paneling) and have this week decided on a new sofa and armchairs for the sitting area. With some colourful cushions to echo the new red front door.

Chair fabric and cushion fabric

Chair fabric and cushion fabric

The dogs and I enjoy our morning walks around the neighbourhood drinking in all the colour and smells that spring brings.


The Jacarandas are spectacular this year (but I think I say that every year) and the jasmine is just gorgeous. I’m lucky I don’t suffer from allergies or hayfever. It would be devastating to miss out on my daily dose of colour inspiration.


New fabrics were launched this week from Harlequin. New collections are so inspiring and I couldn’t decide which pattern and colourway I liked best. There were so many stunners and I often come home thinking I should redecorate my entire house just so I can use them. Anyone need new window coverings, bedheads, sofa fabrics, cushions, bedlinen or even a new bib and brace?


And I finally had one of these installed in my kitchen. How fabulous to get rid of those clunky power plugs and leave the power points free for kitchen equipment!


Today I’m overseeing a curtain installation and then tonight is The Colour Society’s Christmas Party where we will be looking at colour in wine! Have a great week, there’s only 36 days until Christmas!

I’m already taking bookings for January, so if you would like to update your home with colour, fabrics or furniture, contact us to make an appointment.

It’s a small world after all

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks with absolutely no time for blogging, sorry. And here we are at the first day of July!!!!

I have been working on a number of projects all with colour – paint, fabrics, benchtops, tiles. It’s no secret I am happiest when I’m immersed in colour.


So I was delighted to attend two fabric launches recently from different fabric houses who both said, “Colour is BACK!” Yippee!!!!


But what really hit home was the fact that inspiration for these collections has come from across the globe – North African Berber Rugs, Persian Kilims and Aztec motifs from South America. There is also a nod to Art Nouveau and to the Baroque periods.


And where would we be without stripes? I’ve mentioned previously I much prefer stripes to spots so was delighted to see ticking stripes, wide stripes and multi-width stripes in the collections.


And no longer are we a year or two behind our northern hemisphere counterparts. We have access to exactly the same colours, textures and fabrics as they do, at the same time.


It really is a small world after all.

If you would like assistance with fabrics for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.



It’s June!

Can you believe that? That last week of May slipped by in a flash with so much going on.

Firstly a bit of sad news. We had to have a tree removed from our front garden. I know, there are worse things that could happen but it was such a favourite. When we bought our house over ten years ago, I remember telling our then neighbours where the house was and they knew it because the Crab Apple draped over the fence and footpath and was so spectacular when it was all in flower. It would always flower for my September birthday and herald the arrival of spring. Unfortunately it was dying and had to be removed. About 30 years of growing was a 5cm stump in under an hour. Now we have to decide what to plant in its place.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.01.39 am

Designex was held last week at the new temporary home of Glebe Island. One of the nice things about this venue is that it is accessible by ferry and Sydney Autumn is perfect for a short ferry ride.

On the ferry from Circulay Quay

On the ferry from Circulay Quay

I’ve been attending Designex for over 10 years now and it has changed so much since my first visit. Back then it was a jam-packed exhibition hall with so much to see and do. Speakers were dotted around at various stages and there was everything from fabrics to outdoor furniture, rugs, carpets, soft furnishings, lighting, windows, doors, tiles, pavers, planters, mirrors, Homewares and artworks – just about everything required for home design. Over the past few years the shows have become smaller and smaller and this year was no different. It’s one of those catch 22 things where if I don’t go I might miss something and if I do go then there’s nothing really exciting there.

Interesting wallpapers at  Designex

Interesting wallpapers at Designex

But I did find a couple of nuggets. The first are these fabulous power points. I know right? Power points? But look, they have USB slots too so no more clunky transformers sticking out of the wall. You can charge two devices and use two electric sockets at the same time. Perfect for that spot in the kitchen where everyone charges their phones. And they can be retrofitted into the old power point spots by a qualified electrician.

Excel Life Power Points with USB Ports

Excel Life Power Points with USB Ports

A few of the fabric houses have returned to Designex and it was great to have a look at the exquisite fabrics from South Pacific Fabrics. Anyone have a cool $800 for a metre of fabric? If you do I’ve got a lovely selection to show you.

South Pacific Fabrics' stand at Designex

South Pacific Fabrics’ stand at Designex

I also attended the launch party of Timothy Oulton furniture at Coco Republic. It was a lively evening with the best of British on display. The furniture is gorgeous but big.

Timothy Oulton furniture

Timothy Oulton furniture

The light fittings were stunning.

The lights in the background have 1500 crystal balls. Just stunning!

The lights in the background have 1500 crystal balls. Just stunning! Oh and that’s the man himself on the right.

Everyone who attended received a leather luggage tag which you could have embossed with your initials. The champagne was flowing and the cheese table was heaving.

Cheese table at Timothy Oulton launch at Coco Republic

Cheese table at Timothy Oulton launch at Coco Republic

Coco Republic sure know how to put on a party!


And finally I did spend some time on client work during the week. Custom made furniture which I designed was delivered and installed as well as window coverings. I can’t wait to show you this home when it’s finished. Just a couple more pieces to finish it off.

Client living room taking shape with custom made bookcases, dining table and banquet seat.

Client living room taking shape with custom made bookcases, dining table and banquet seat.

If you require assistance with furniture for your home, contact us for an appointment. We have a very thick black book of suppliers for all styles, tastes and budgets.

Art Deco Makeover

Wasn’t it lovely to have four days off? Did you do anything exciting? The family and I headed to the South Coast of NSW for four days of R & R. I love the beach and the warm weather so thought I’d top up before I start hibernating for winter.


This week I’ll be placing orders for furniture and fabric for a client’s Art Deco makeover. The young couple love the era and wanted their apartment to be furnished in the Art Deco style.

Art Deco Movement Poster Revised Tight Rough

Art Deco Style was heavily influenced by the abstract shapes of Cubism and the exotic motifs of nature and is one of the most glamorous and popular styles of twentieth century design. First fashionable between 1920 and 1945 and named after the 1925 Expositions des Artes Decoratifs in Paris, Art Deco heralded the coming of the modern, industrialised world with its structured elegance.

Perhaps it was a reaction to all the clutter and dark colours of the Victorian period or simply a desire to escape from the ugliness of the events of WW1, but without doubt, Art Deco demonstrated great optimism, clarity and modernism. The style featured aerodynamic rounded forms together with vivid colours that reflected what was happening in the world at the time.

West Elm Chester2

We’ve chosen a custom made sofa in the Art Deco style with wide rounded arms. We’re teaming that with buttoned velvet chairs and of course lots of cushions in Art Deco inspired fabrics.

H & J Deco

And as can be seen in the Great Gatsby, this era liked to party so we’ve purchased a cocktail cabinet for my clients’ crystal decanters and glasses. And to complete the look, we’ve wallpapered a feature wall in Catherine Martin’s Limelight wallpaper.

Lubna bar

Now I wish I could wiggle my nose and have everything installed tomorrow.

Limelight Wallpaper

If you would like assistance creating a home in the style you love, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Rosie Basket The Market Basket Co. RRP $65.00

PS. Don’t forget our Market Basket Co giveaway. Leave a comment and you’re in the draw! Easy Peasy.

Shopping for Art

In my opinion, it’s not until you put some art up on the walls that a house truly becomes a home. Until then a space can look bare and unloved.

Entry view from the top of the stairs

Entry view from the top of the stairs

These days it’s not so hard to find some great artworks that either tug at your heart strings or work beautifully with your decor. It’s such an individual thing. Some people love art and others know they should have something so opt for a piece that suits their home and colour scheme. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to selecting artworks.

Let It Go by Robyn Kennedy

Let It Go by Robyn Kennedy

Our friend, textile artist Robyn Kennedy has recently opened an online shop over at Etsy. You will find a range of artworks starting at $90.

Eyes On Mariko by Roby Kennedy

Eyes On Mariko by Roby Kennedy

Do pop over and view Robyn’s work and see if something tugs at your heart strings.

If you would like assistance making your house a home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

What does Gotye and Florence Broadhurst have in common?

Are you familiar with the art of Emma Hack? I first noticed Emma’s work at the Affordable Art Fair in Sydney in 2009. How could you not notice? What looked like Florence Broadhurst wallpapers suddenly started moving. A body (usually of a woman) suddenly came in to view as they were painted in the same pattern. They seemed to be floating infront of the canvas. And if you’ve been following my blog, you know I am a HUGE fan of the Florence Broadhurst patterns.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 5.08.41 PM Emma’s work featured in the award winning Goyte film clip ‘Somebody I used To Know’. Emma is ‘Popping Up’ at Signature Prints in the coming weeks to showcase her new release of Limited Edition Art! The artist explains “… merging the human body with the wallpaper designs of Florence Broadhurst results in an illusory, stunning image of nude humanity on natural, stylish patterns”.


This Pop Up exhibition marks the exciting release of two new designs from the Florence Broadhurst Archive featuring Emma’s muse camouflaged into the wallpaper environment. Emma explains that her “… choices ‘Fans’ and Phoenix’ are bold, oriental designs that are quite different from past works… in lower editions so very collectable”.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 5.08.02 PM The exhibition is open at the Signature Prints Studio 2, 1-5 Hayes Road, Rosebery this weekend.
Friday 29th November: 9am – 5pm
Saturday 30th November: 10am – 4pm
Sunday 1st December: 11am – 4pm

And on Saturday 30th November, Emma Hack will be doing a meet and greet, 11am at Signature Prints. The artist will explain the process she goes through when creating her unique pieces, how she came to collaborate with Signature Prints and what she finds so intriguing about Florence Broadhursts’ designs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 5.08.26 PM If you would like assistance adding art to your home, contact us for an appointment.

Flowers for Florence

It was my birthday on Saturday! Another one! I think I’ve reached the age where it really doesn’t matter and it’s just another day.

PeachBlossom My husband found the kitchen and whipped up some omlettes for breakfast. My daughter then baked a cake for afternoon tea before she went out to a birthday party for one of her friends.


So my husband and I headed into the city to visit the David Jones flower display. Every Spring DJ’s goes all out and decorates their Elizabeth St Store with the most magnificent floral displays. This year the theme was Florence Broadhurst so I was determined to see it.


All her fabrics were translated to floral displays in the windows and also on the ground floor of the store.


I loved the Florence-isms that were in the windows too.


I thoroughly recommend if you have not read her biography, you should. The woman was soooo ahead of her time. Reinventing herself at every turn and never, ever saying it couldn’t be done.


If you would like to add some Florence Broadhurst fabrics or wallpaper to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


Blooming Flowers

I’ve been passing dress shops lately that are starting to bring in their Spring stock. I love seeing all the windows change from black, grey and red to pink, yellow and light blue.

Floral Peony Skirt from David Jones

Floral Peony Skirt from David Jones

I’m definitely a warmer climate type of girl. Anything under 25C and I’m freezing so I’ve been enjoying the very mild winter we’ve had in Sydney this year. It’s been feeling like Spring already for the last couple of weeks and even the blossom trees are starting to flower.

Spring Blossom Trees

Spring Blossom Trees

Flowers look like they are going to be the in thing for spring fashion this year. There’s quite a few dresses and skirts and even trousers I’ve been passing that are contemporary floral prints. The colours are strong and bold and the prints are large.

Floral dress by Diana Ferrari

Floral dress by Diana Ferrari

If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ll know that what we see in the fashion industry very quickly transpires to the home decor industry.

Floral fabric by Casamance

Floral fabric by Casamance

Now when you think of floral fabric, you probably think of small delicate flowers like Liberty Prints.

Liberty fabrics

Liberty fabrics

And when you think of floral decor you may very well think of the Laura Ashley style of decorating.

Floral fabric and matching wallpaper by Laura Ashley

Floral fabric and matching wallpaper by Laura Ashley

But these patterns have been reinterpreted and appear bigger and bolder than ever and a little bit abstract but boy do they look good.

Wallpaper wonders

Wallpaper wonders

Bring on the warmer weather and let the flowers bloom.

Floral fabric

Floral fabric

If you would like to add some new look floral fabric or wallpaper to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Lori Weitzner

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to attend a talk at South Pacific Fabrics showroom by Lori Weitzner.

Lori is a New Yorker and has a design company based in Chelsea. I could listen to the New York accent all day. Lori gave us an insight into her background before showing us her latest designs.

Weitzner's White Box Sanctuary

Weitzner’s White Box Sanctuary

At college, Lori was studying to be an artist until her teacher advised her that she would never make a living. Instead she turned her talents to textile design and ended up working for some of the best textile companies in the States. But finally she decided to go it alone and set up shop for herself.

Lori produced a white box which had a small selection of inspiration articles from her studio in Chelsea. Things like one of her grandmother’s small liqueur glasses, a sea urchin shell, a tube of paint and a small book of poetry. All these items and more adorn her studio for constant inspiration – inspiration from the past, the exotic and everyday. She explained that she loves the juxtaposition of smooth and rough, matt and shiny, dull and sparkly and tries to incorporate that in her designs.

"The best colours are the colours you can't name, like the colour of this shell." Lori Weitzner

“The best colours are the colours you can’t name, like the colour of this shell.” Lori Weitzner

Lori showed a range of her wall coverings including a magnetic wallcovering as well as one made from recycled maps. They are simply exquisite.

Around The World wallcovering made of handwoven maps

Around The World wallcovering made of handwoven maps

Weitzner also create beautiful textiles that engage the senses with considered use of colour and texture. There is three perspectives to the range – Smart, Handmade and Perform.

Weitzner fabrics in elegant colour palette

Weitzner fabrics in elegant colour palette

And as if that’s not enough, Lori also has designed a range of trimmings or passementerie for Samuel and Sons.

Hand blown glass bead trim

Hand blown glass bead trim

If you would like to add some of Lori’s beautiful textiles to your home, contact us to provide assistance.

She’s here, she’s here!

Remember earlier in the year I alluded to the fact that Florence Broadhurst patterns would soon be available in a number of home accessories?

Page 4-5 main_B

Well I’m pleased to tell you, they are here. I was fortunate enough to attend the launch in April and had a sneak peek at the beautiful cushions (for both inside and out) and placemats.


They are all so colourful and I’m sure Florence would be very impressed with Rapee‘s application of her patterns.


At the launch, I was given a Kitchen in a Bag which is a cotton bag printed with one of Florence’s patterns and contains an apron and oven mitts in the same pattern. They would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves cooking.


David Jones and Domayne are stocking this range or we can order them for you.

Page 8-9 Main F

If you would like assistance adding accessories to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation. Don’t forget, most items you see in magazines or online can be sourced through us at our trade prices.

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