How to create an interior scheme from one small piece

I was recently asked if I had designed an entire room around a small piece of artwork or an accessory.

Bedside Lamp bought in Hong Kong

The answers to my questions have appeared on Patricia Davis Browns’ blog, Dig This Design.

Purple Feature Wall inspired by lamp

You can check it out here.

Mastere Bedroom – not too feminine

Sometimes a piece you love will take you on a fascinating journey and you end up being surrounded by colours and patterns that will appeal for a very long time.

Complementary furniture pieces for the Master Bedroom

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Beaded Chandeliers

Turquoise Basket Chandelier via Pinterest

I’ve been Ooohing and Aaahing over the basket chandelier for a while now. I’ve only seen images of them in overseas magazines and online.

Scalloped Wooden Beaded Chandelier via Pinterest

They certainly make a statement.

That Turquoise Beaded Chandelier again, via Pinterest

So I was delighted to find that one of our suppliers has just started stocking a version here in Australia.

Turquoise Beaded Chandelier $1235 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

Turquoise Beaded Chandelier $1330 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

They would look great in a bedroom, over a dining table or in an entry. I can’t wait to use one in a project.

Black and Natural Beaded Chandelier $1230 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

Black and Natural Beaded Chandelier $1330 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

What do you think? Do you like this look?

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Dining Room Lights

I am currently working with clients who are renovating their home by adding a new extension. It will be the new hub of the house containing the kitchen, dining and living areas.

Simple drum shade

The electrician has been in this week so our attention has moved to light placement and fittings.

Two lights work beautifully in this dining nook by Windsor Smith

Most of the area will have downlights installed but the dining table deserves a feature light. In a wide open space, it’s always good to define the areas. The kitchen will be a galley style, so a bench will separate it from the rest of the area. Placement of the sofa will define the living area and a large light fixture will define the dining area.

Oversized Ikea Maskros Light

An oversized light fitting creates drama in a dining room. When the table is set ready for a meal, the crockery, cutlery and napery add interest to the room but when the table is not in use, it’s usually the light fitting that becomes the focal point.

via Sherrill Canet Interiors

The light fitting in an open plan dining room doesn’t need to be the sole source of light so it’s not necessary to swamp the room with maximum wattage. Often times, the table will be decorated with candles and there will be lamps on in the adjacent living room and a light on in the kitchen.

Nelson Bubble Light hung low over the dining room table

My advice in choosing a dining room light fitting is to choose more for aesthetics than practicalities – form over function!

Gorgeous lantern light

You can find these images and more on my Dining Room Pinterest Board.

Dining Room Pendant with adjacent kitchen downlights

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Absolutely Amazing

One of the places we visited on our recent holiday to the States was Las Vegas. We had a very packed two days and three nights in the place and it was “absolutely amazing”.

I loved seeing all the hotels with their international replica architecture but what really stood out was the lighting. I’m a sucker for interesting light fittings and think they can really pack a punch in a room.

I think I was the only person in the city taking photos of the ceilings.

I could just imagine the fun the interior designers had in putting all this over the top decor together and either sourcing or designing the fittings for each area of the hotels.

Like The Cosmopolitan which had a central Chandelier Bar with the biggest Chandelier I have ever seen. In fact it was the whole bar.

The other interesting lighting was in the foyer of the Bellagio Hotel. Looks like Murano Glass to me.

I mentioned on my Facebook Page how nice it was to see the many seasonal decorations and installations in the hotels and shopping centres, something we really don’t do in Australia, or if we do it’s not as grandiose as these.

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Vertical Decor

I often find, when I walk into a room, that the homeowner has taken a lot of time in placing the furniture in the room, however little regard has been given to the height of the room. It’s as if the room has been decorated by the floor plan without considering the walls and ceiling. With today’s low furniture like sofas and entertainment units, it’s not hard to fall into this trap.

This living room is a great example of what I mean. The colours and furniture all work beautifully together but everything appears to be below the waist. I’m not sure if the paintings are propped up against the back of the sofa for the photograph, but by hanging them on the wall it will give height to the room. A taller standard lamp would also help accentuate the full capacity of the room. Another trick, if the ceiling is not too low, is to use a pendant light like a chandelier which will help the ceiling relate to the room.

In a bedroom, you could install a bedhead and bedside lamps, which will create some height. The lamps should not be the same height as the top of the bedhead and artwork could be hung above the bed. Again a pendant light in the centre of the room will bring the ceiling into the room.

The idea is to create a non-linear profile in the room, a bit like the recent share market chart!

Images – I’ve had these photos in my files for a while now, but haven’t kept their source (Naughty blogger!) Let me know if you know where they’ve come from.


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Is Cork back in style?

When I was out and about last weekend at Saturday In Design I came across a couple of cork products and was wondering if cork is making a comeback.

Our house has cork flooring in the kitchen and living room and personally, I can’t wait to rip it up. It was very popular in the 1970’s and is warm in winter and soft underfoot. It’s also great for camouflaging any dust and dirt.

Our cork floor

Cork comes from a medium-sized evergreen oak tree that forms a thick bark. This bark can be harvested every 9 years or so to produce cork. As no trees are destroyed to produce cork, it is a very sustainable product.

Click for link

Most of us will be familiar with cork flooring and of course the stoppers used in wine bottles. Although these days corks rarely appear in wine with the advent of screw top bottles. French monk, Dom Pierre Perignon was the first to use cork to seal his champagne in 1680.

Cork stopper

Cork is also used in noticeboards, table tennis rackets, buoys, dart boards and shoes.

Click for link

And last weekend I saw cork lights from Benjamin Hubert. These lights look great hung in a cluster.

Cork Jewellery Making and Float Lights at Great Dane

Later in the day I noticed this cute little side table made from cork, at Space. It is by Jasper Morrison and comes in a range of shapes and sizes.

Vitra Side Table at Space

So, do you think cork is making a comeback or is it just a case of being attuned to something and then noticing it everywhere?


New Lamp

I do hope you enjoyed your day yesterday celebrating Mother’s Day.

I thought I’d show you one more instalment into my daughter’s very gradual bedroom makeover.

Remember I found these gorgeous pink ceramic pieces a couple of months ago.


Pink Ceramics

And this fabulous new fabric from Crowson.


I put the two together and came up with this fabulous new lamp.

Custom Made Lamp

She loves it!


If you are having difficulty trying to find lamps or other accessories, contact us and take advantage of our extensive list of suppliers or visit The Store Room to see the two I have for sale there.

For Sale

I do hope you had an enjoyable long, long weekend. I took the opportunity to clean out my store room and found a number of styling items I have purchased in the past but never used. I’ve decided to offer them to you. So if you are looking for a new piece to add to your decor, have a look at The Store Room. Email me if you are interested in anything and I will calculate postage for you. And don’t forget to pop back every now and then as I put up more items.

Enjoy your very short week.


Lily the pink

I am partial to a dash of hot pink and I couldn’t resist these lovely accessories I found last week.

I’m now hunting for some fabric to make a shade for the lamp for my daughter’s room. We’re about to redecorate her bedroom and she has chosen pink and aqua.

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Let there be light…..or colour……or both

At one of the Trade Fairs last week I spied some interesting light switch covers.

Now I know HPM have brought out a colourful range but I was having difficulty in seeing a reason to highlight the light switch.

Bright range from HPM

This more subdued colour range I can understand, especially if the wall colour was nearly the same and the light switch just blended into the wall.

Earth Range from HPM

But look at these cuties.

Skulls by Neo

Ballet by Neo

Princess by Neo

What a great idea for kids rooms or child friendly spaces in clubs and day care centres.

Shells by Neo

Hot Air Balloon by Neo

With over 110 different images, there’s one to suit every possible theme and even you can install them. They just clip over your existing HPM or Clipsal light switches.

Frangipani by Neo

Mini Masterchef by Neo

If you would like assistance in decorating your child-friendly space, contact us for on on-line or in-person consultation.

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