Crimson Stripes

I’m loving the new red rugs from Armadillo & Co.

Band Stripe Rug

Sally Potharst and Jodie Fried founded rug company Armadillo & Co when they were working together on a rug for Jodie’s Bholu collection.

Sas Lena from Bholu

Made by artisans who are cared for under the Fair Trade practices, these rugs are Armadillo’s first adventure into colour.

I love the combination of strong stripes and bold colour and made from 100% wool, they are soft underfoot. Perfect for winter.

Ribbon Stripe Rug

What about you? Would you like some colour on your floor?

Contact us for pricing and delivery.

A Conversation with Easton Pearson

Last night I attended an event at Designer Rugs showroom in Edgecliffe with fashion designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson of Easton Pearson fame.

Lets chat

These girls have been designing fashion for over 20 years and gave us an insight into what inspires and drives them and how they keep on turning out much sought after designs.

Design by Easton Pearson

Both Lydia and Pamela are Brisbane girls and love anything with colour and decoration. Funnily enough, that is who buys their fashions, too. They supply to over 100 stores in 24 countries worldwide.

Pamela and Lydia in the Designer Rugs Showroom

Much of their fabrics are commissioned in India where embroidery is a specialised art and this intricate detail inspires the girls to create wonderful patterns and designs.

Equisite embroideries from Easton Pearson

Pamela and Lydia briefly discussed the shock they felt in seeing their designs on rugs for Designer Rugs. I’ve heard other designers say the same thing, that the scale of floor rugs is so different from working on the scale of fabric, so when they actually see it made up, it is overwhelming. The Easton Pearson range of rugs depicts everything the designers hold close – great colour combinations with intricate design details.

Rug by Easton Pearson

Both Lydia and Pamela were a delight to listen to and made it very obvious that they love what they do.

If you would like assistance with colour and decoration in your home, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.


Habitus Magazine was launched about 2 years ago and has steadily been growing in readership. I must admit it is not one that I have subscribed to as yet, as I have a number of other magazines to read and finding the time is getting increasingly difficult. I do, however, subscribe to their e-newsletters and was thrilled when I noticed an invitation to a conversation with Sixhands. The Habitus team have organised a series of conversations with various creative personalities who have been featured in the magazine.

Sixhands Textiles for Peter Alexander

Textile design studio Sixhands, who are Alecia Jensen, Brianna Pike and Anna Harves, started their friendship at University where they were studying fashion and textile design. After working independently, the girls joined forces in 2006 to create Sixhands which has been providing textiles to Australian fashion designers.

Sixhands textiles for Flamingo Sands

When the girls moved into their own studio, they went about decorating it to make it a welcoming space for themselves and their fashion clients. This sparked a passion for interiors and a new arm of the business was created.

Interiors from Sixhands

The team at Sixhands like to apply something new to something old and create something truly unique. On display at the Conversation, was an old lounge chair (think there’s one in our family somewhere) covered in bright floral fabric as well as a 70’s lamp base with a new brightly patterned shade.

Old lamp base with new shade in Sixhands fabric

But fabric is not their only medium. You can also have a Sixhands rug for your floor, or wallpaper for the wall, or maybe a surfboard for your car?

Sixhands designed surfboard for Misfit

The possibilities are endless and the girls admit they think without limitations. If a homeowner is not confident to have that much pattern and colour on the walls with wallpaper, then there’s the option of using the fabric for cushions or a rug that can be moved or changed.

Stepping Stone Rug from The Rug Collection designed by Sixhands

I think big things are ahead for this talented trio. They admitted, almost tongue-in-cheek, that they aspire to be the Australian version of Missoni Home. I have no doubt they will soon be a household name.

The faces behind Sixhands

Oh, and I won a lucky door prize too. A bottle of red and 12 months subscription to Habitus. No excuses now! Thanks Habitus for a great night.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you’re in Sydney, don’t forget the Young Blood Designers Market is on as part of Sydney Design Festival.

If you would like to add some colour and pattern to your home, or are interested in Sixhands products, contact us to discuss our design and sourcing services.

My Top 3 from Designex

Last week, Designex was held here in Sydney. It is the premier “trade only” show for interior designers, architects and decorators. The location of the show alternates between Melbourne and Sydney each year.

There were loads of things to look at from both existing suppliers as well as some new ones. So I’ve picked out my favourite three to share with you.

The first stand I was excited about actually won the New Product Award at the show. Katsu Glass Design have just released Designer ArtGlass.

ArtGlass Splashback from Katsu Glass Design

You can choose from a wide range of designs and photographs to place behind toughened glass for feature walls and splashbacks. The images can be printed, painted or etched onto the glass to create something unique. Julie Patterson from Cloth has provided 11 designs from her range to be reproduced onto glass. It’s a great way to add a feature to your kitchen or bathroom.

Cloth Designs for Katsu Glass Design

The next “Oh wow” moment I had was at the stand “Designer Boys”.

Tribal Rhythm from Designer Boys Collections

Now Aussies who have had an interest in home decorating and renovating for the last few years will know these boys as Gavin and Warren from the original series of “The Block.” The boys moved to Byron Bay a few years ago and continue to provide interior decorating and styling services for clients on the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

Red Fan Coral from Designer Boys Collections

They have also released a collection of fabulous art. Each piece evokes many feelings with strong lines, global textures and exquisite treasures all beautifully framed and ready to hang on your wall.

Tribeca I from Designer Boys Collections

There is also a collection of Giclee Prints which have beautiful colours.

Valentino I from Designer Boys Collections

And the third stand that caught my eye was the new range of rugs from The Rug Collection. Australia’s home-grown gardening guru, Jamie Durie, has assisted with the development of this range called Garden Room.

Summer Beauty from The Rug Collection

The bold use of colour, whimsical design exploration and a modern edge work in harmony to bring life to this new collection.

Flannel Flower from The Rug Collection

I had timed my visit to Designex well and was fortunate enough to hear Jamie speak at The Outdoor Room on what he believes will be the trend for indoor/outdoor living. Pop back on Friday to read what he said.

The Outdoor Room

If you are interested in adding any of the above products to your interior, Inside Out Colour and Design would be pleased to source them for you as the rugs and artworks are only available through architects and interior decorators.

Send us an email or call 0401440088 if you would like more information.

On The Floor

One of the jobs I have been working on for the past 4 years is revamping a family home. The lovely couple have pretty much moved into the “empty nester” category with their youngest heading off to university, outside Sydney, at the beginning of last year.

We’ve transformed the house in every way, except structurally and are now up to the fun part of putting in the new furnishings.

Family Room before

The new leather lounge has gone in and we have bought some new artwork.

This oil painting by Velia Newman will sit on the family room wall

Last week we looked at some rugs and chose the following three from Designer Rugs.

Floral Sketch

Floral Sketch

This is the right size – 2m x 3m.

Flame Tree

The pattern will get lost once we put a coffee table on top.


The background colour could be changed to a warmer off white to blend in better with the tiles and sofa.

We don’t want the rug to detract from the artwork but it must complement it.

Which one do you like?

Sale Away

Everyone loves a bargain so I thought you may be interested to know of the two following sales.


Fabric wholesaler Roylston House is having a sale of their discontinued ranges at their warehouse in Hornsby, Sydney. Great drapery and upholstery fabrics will be available from as little as $7 per metre. Sale begins 10am Monday 18 January and will be operating until fabrics sold out. 10am – 3pm daily at 1/23 Leighton Place, Hornsby.

The other event you may be interested in, is the Designer Rugs Floorstock Sale. They are taking 10 – 50% off selected items in their Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Showrooms.

So start the new year with some new colour and design for your home.

Alex Perry for Designer Rugs

I was one of the lucky ones to have breakfast with Australia’s premier couturier this morning. It’s not every day I get to breakfast with the stars but today Designer Rugs were showcasing the latest Australian Designer to join their stable. Alex Perry launched his fashion label in the early 1990’s and his name is synomous with red carpet events and weddings.

Alex and Yosi I was hoping that Alex wouldn’t think I was stalking him as this is the third time this year I have been at an event where he was the guest speaker. I love his laid back personal style and his glamorous fashions and am thrilled to see this style transformed into art for the home. The inspiration for this collection is his Greek heritage.



Alex admitted that his favourite would have to be Palati which was inspired by the iron gates on the National Gardens of Athens.



I can imagine Rhodes was inspired by the marble floor in an ancient building.



I really like Anthi for it’s style and glamour and surprisingly enough I’m drawn to Ipografi with it’s funky colours and script.



Which is your favourite?

New Regency

They’ve done it again, they’ve added a new star to their portfolio.

Interior Designer Greg Natale

Interior Designer Greg Natale

Sydney firm Designer Rugs tonight launched a new collection from multi-award winning Interior Designer, Greg Natale. Greg’s work is a mixture of contemporary and modern luxury and this is evident in the names of his 6 new rugs – Corfu, Malibu, Oxford, Monte Carlo, South Beach and Palm Springs.

South Beach by Greg Natale

South Beach by Greg Natale

Greg said his inspiration came more from an architectural point of view and the way we use rugs. Each rug shows his love of symmetry and design and they are all multi-directional, can be configured to any size and will happily sit in a beach house or a Federation. I think they have longevity being such classic designs. Simply stunning!

Riddle Me This?

What do you get when you add a white console table


to a pony skin chair and stool

EllSliCh_MED EllSliStl_MED

throw in a standard lamp


and a butler’s tray.


Lay it all down on a woollen rug

19668_1 and sprinkle it with bespoke cushions?

Red and Stone Cushions

Mooloolaba Cushions

Glitz Granite Cushion

A trade display site at a local shopping centre’s Home Bazaar!


This is where I will be for the next five days, talking to people about colour, decor and design.

Hope you have a good week, too.

Rug Up at Government House

Government House, Sydney

Government House, Sydney

Last night I attended the Rug Up Design Forum which was held in the Grand Ballroom of Government House. What a magnificent building. I’ve lived in Sydney for 7 years and never visited this Historic House. Australia is only 200 years old and you forget we do have some beautiful old buildings. I have just finished reading The Secret River by Kate Grenville which is a fictional novel following the journey of one of the early settlers of the Hawkesbury River just north of Sydney. It was interesting to have that insight into Sydney’s early days and then be standing on this historic spot.

Drinks in the arcade

Drinks in the arcade

The panel on the design forum included Yosi Tal from Designer Rugs, Akira Isogawa, Fashion Designer, Liane Rossler from Dinosaur Designs, Julie Patterson of Cloth Fabric and Harold Luke of Whitecliffe Imports. Lead by Neale Whittaker from Belle Magazine the panel discussed the art and romance of rugs.

Designer Rugs started in 1986 when no-one was making rugs in Australia. In 2005 they ran a fundraising event to design a rug with the funds going towards the charity Camp Quality. This was a very successful event and showcased Australian Designers. From there, the idea to ask Australian Designers to collaborate on rug designs evolved with each of the three designers on the panel having a collection of rugs manufactured by Designer Rugs.

Cloth Rug on Display at Government House

Cloth Rug on Display at Government House

It was interesting to hear where these designers fine the inspiration for their designs and how they then translate them to their respective products and now rugs. The common challenge each of them find is working on such a large scale as a 2m x 3m rug and handing their designs over to other people to produce. They all consider themselves part of a cottage industry and are all very “hands-on” with their designs, manufacturing and marketing. Liane called the rugs, jewellery for the home and I liked that.

Akira Rug on display at Government House

Akira Rug on display at Government House

One thing that was evident from this conversation was that each of the designers are passionate and dedicated about their work. Julie likened her creativity to a stock. You put all the good ingredients in and keep it simmering away until you are ready to cook. Liane said the most important thing is to have contentment and enjoyment in what you do, any success that comes along is a bonus. Akira said his challenge is to keep inspired and passionate.

It was wonderful to hear these amazing people and have a little insight into their thought process. Designer Rugs has done a wonderful job of blurring boundaries and bringing fashion, design and art together.

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