Choosing the right colour

I recently arrived at a home that was starting to look a little like this.

via Apartment Therapy

Apparently it had been that way for nearly two years. The problem was the homeowners couldn’t find the colour they liked.

They had a shed full of test pots and a spreadsheet of the different colours that were in each of their choices. So eventually they decided to bite the bullet and engage some professional advice.

Test Pots

Within an hour, we had chosen a suitable colour that worked with the existing guttering and powder coated window frames as well as the terracotta tiles on the back verandah and cream garage door.

It made me realise that many people are afraid to engage professional help and perhaps don’t quite comprehend what is involved when they call in a Colour Consultant.

A professionally trained Colour Consultant knows colour inside and out. They can look at a colour and immediately tell you it’s undertone (that is if it leans more to red or green or blue).

A Colour Consultant will arrive with a supply of large paint swatches which makes choosing colour alot easier than using the chips you’ve collected at a hardware store or bending the brochure to reveal the colour.

Boot full of A4 size paint swatches

They will also move these colours to each of the areas you will be painting and see how they look in full sun, shade, next to existing substrates such as flooring and foundation stones.

Swatches in full sun

Swatches with existing flooring

Swatches with existing Sandstone foundations

From there it becomes a process of elimination. We slowly shed the colours that don’t work or you don’t like for some reason or another and eventually you are left with the perfect colour.

A professionally trained Colour Consultant will also advise what type of paint to use and where to place each colour you select.

image from Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses

And provide you with a full specification sheet so you can just hand it to the painter.

External Specification Sheet

Painting a house is a very costly exercise and the cost of a Colour Consultation comes in somewhere under 2% of the cost of the paint job. Yet, if you choose the wrong colour, you have to live with it for the next 7 – 10 years or spend more money fixing up the mistake.

So really, the cost of the Colour Consultation is the cheapest part of the whole painting process.

If you would like assistance in choosing the right colour for your home, contact us for details of our online or in-person consultation.

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