City or the Bush

Do you browse the real estate section of the newspaper?

It’s one of my favourite past times. I enjoy looking at the different styles of homes and how they have been decorated. Lately there’s one house that has caught my eye.

Apart from the beautifully appointed rooms, it is situated on one of my favourite locations- on a cliff overlooking the water.

When you sign up to my monthly newsletter, you will receive my article How To Create YOUR Harmonious Environment absolutely free. One of the questions I pose is “Where are you most comfortable – country, city or beach?” No question about it, for me it’s near the water.

So this house would be my ideal. I love how you not only see the ocean, but also the coastline. That helps to give perspective to the view and provides a wonderful fairyland at night when the ocean is inky black.

So where are you most comfortable?


Kangaroo Valley via

Country or

James Robertson House


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