Coffee Culture

I spend a fair bit of time in the inner city suburb of Crows Nest. It has two main drags – the Pacific Highway which is peppered with furniture and homewares stores, and Willoughby Road which has a line of gift shops, restaurants and cafes.

Over the past year, there has been a newcomer to the coffee shop scene and I love going there for the good coffee and superb decor.


Coffee Culture is now situated in what used to be a secondhand furniture shop. The shop is rectangular in shape but with clever use of different coloured timber floorboards and one side of the “path” higher than the other, you do not feel as if you are in a boring square box.


One wall of the shop has been left in it’s original state of exposed rough brick and large mirrors have been placed over the top with back lighting.

DSC01478 The other side is wallpapered. Each side has interesting light fittings and the banquette seating is finished in a faux shiny leather.

DSC01479 The colours are all quite neutral – lattes, mochas and espresso but the crockery is bright orange which adds a zing without being overbearing.

DSC01481 Check it out, next time you are in Crows Nest. I believe there is also a cafe at Bankstown and originally the group hailed from New Zealand. (But we won’t hold that against them!)

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