Christmas Decor begins with Colour

Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing? Yes, it’s that time of the year again when we all get in a flutter over Christmas.


Now I’ve always put the tree up religiously on the first of December and taken it down on the first of January. Except for last year of course. Didn’t even get around to putting up the tree after nine months of home renovations. So this year I decided to put it up a week early. We have a weekend of entertaining coming up this weekend and there will be no time to fuss around with the decorations. Besides the department stores put there’s up in September so why can’t I do mine on 24 November?

Each year we have a colour theme. See, everything starts with a colour! I have all the decorations put in separate boxes and as we (that’s my daughter and I) couldn’t decide on which colours to use this year, I asked the other half to bring up all the boxes from under the house. Wow, that was a mistake! Seeing all the boxes sitting on the front porch ensured everyone knew just how many decorations I had. Needless to say, the Financial Controller was not impressed and was issuing warnings like, “You better not be buying any more decorations this year!”


So after wading through the boxes, we decided on fuschia, purple, aqua and silver. Being the ever co-ordinated one, I also have the same colours for wrapping paper, bon bons, tea towels, hand towels and candles that are scattered through the rest of the house.


Even though I’ve been warned about not buying any more decorations, I’m sure I will be forgiven for buying a couple of decorations from Dusk.

Image 3 All funds raised from these cute little baubles will go to Make A Wish Australia to help sick children. What a great idea. They are only $6 each AND they fit into my colour scheme.

Image 1 Now, off you go to Dusk and grab a couple of baubles for your tree.

Image 8

If you would like assistance with colours for your home, contact us for an appointment.

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