What’s Cooking?

With the huge following of the second series of TV show Masterchef, I started to wonder if our kitchens will be changing.

Masterchef Top Ten

The kitchen has always been the hub of the house and used to be designated to it’s own room.

1950's kitchen via Photosfan.com

Over the years, we have opted for open plan living and the Kidili was born.

Kitchen Dining Living Room

At one stage everything was on display and then we put all the ugly bits behind cupboard doors.

Kitchen by Larry Laslo via Metropolitan Homes

A few years ago, kitchens became smaller as there was a general consensus that we didn’t cook anymore, we assembled. You know, buy the salad mix, garlic bread and pre-made pasta and just assemble the meal in the kitchen.

via Australian House and Garden

According to attendees at the recent Milan Furniture Fair, it would appear there is a push to have the kitchen look like furniture pieces and not built in cabinetry.

Kitchen designed by Vincente Wolfe

But now with this interest in cooking (over 2 million viewers are watching Masterchef each night), are the kitchens going to get bigger again?

Gwynneth Paltrow's kitchen via Habitually Chic

Kitchens remain the most expensive room in the house and it’s usually the first area the woman checks out when looking to buy a property.

Kitchen designed by Steve Gianetti

So tell me, what’s cooking in your kitchen? Are you creating gourmet meals from scratch and therefore need that huge island bench, large fridge, commercial style cooktop and plenty of cupboard space, or are you still assembling a quick and tasty meal for the family?

What's cooking?

Be sure to have a good weekend and enjoy your kitchen no matter what size it is.

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  1. I love that Timothy Hill expression of the Kidili. I cook from scratch quite a bit in my kitchen but mostly when we entertain and I also do the assembly thing too when time is an issue. I have a large island which is perfect for rolling out pastry, a large oven which is great for doing batch baking or extra large roasts. It is not wasted in our house.

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