Is your cup half full?

I can’t wait to head over to Eva Breuer Gallery this weekend and have a look at the exhibition of works by Rosemary Valadon.


The exhibition is called Euphoria ; The Tea Party and the paintings look fantastic. Beautiful vintage tea cups and saucers with tea and blossoms and lemon and spoons.


Makes you want to sit down and have a cuppa right now.


I would like a set of four to place in the casual dining room or perhaps one of the tablescapes in the dining room.


Decisions, decisions!

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  1. These are so pretty! Love the vibrant colors… and wish I had more room in my kitchen for art!

  2. These are really pretty. I love the vivid colors against the dark background. You’re right – a set of these would look great in a dining room.

  3. How lovely! And unbreakable and don’t require washing up. Wouldn’t a few of these propped on a dresser be fun?

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