Designer Black

Have you ever noticed that architects and interior designers all wear black? Why is that?

Sante Fe Interiors Designers - most wearing black

Personally I don’t wear black. I was told many years ago, when I had my colours done, that black was not for me. It drains the colour from my face and infact, only people with black hair should wear black.

So as a Colour Consultant, that suits me down to the ground. I LOVE colour and spend most of my time trying to inject colour into clients’ homes, so why would I wear black in any shape or form? Surrounding myself with colour makes me happy and puts me in a good frame of mind.

If I have to buy a new wallet, I bypass the black ones and go for red. I have a yellow work notebook, a green laptop, a blue car, a red laptop bag, etc, etc. The only black items I have are my briefcase (because I couldn’t find a coloured one) and the trolley bag or office on wheels, I take to consultations.

Red Wallet from Mahogany Leather

Yellow Notebook from Kiki-K

Dell Laptop

Now the other problem I have is that I’m a Virgo and I MUST have everything matching or at least working together. Last year when I upgraded to an iPhone I chose the white one, because I don’t do black.

I needed a protective case. I knew my daughter would play games on it and it was going to be moving around from handbag to handbag, taken on jobs, to the gym so I could listen to podcasts and sooner or later it was going to be dropped. I chose a Blue Silicone cover from the limited range at the Apple store. Blue is the world’s favourite colour so I figured blue would go with most things.

Blue iPhone Cover

However, last weekend as I was trying to multi-task (cook dinner and text my brother) it slipped off the kitchen bench and landed on the floor. My beautiful blue cover broke and I needed a new one. I went back to the Apple Store and stood infront of row after row of black cases.

Sena Black iPhone Case

There were also blue ones, but I wanted a change. The purple ones were nice but purple doesn’t necessarily go with every other colour. Then I spotted it.

It’s pink but look at the back. It is striped in so many colours it will definitely work with everything. Oh what a happy Colour Consultant I was to find an iPhone cover that was colourful and had a sense of fun. Thank you Kate Spade for designing such a wonderful item.

It’s the little things, isn’t it?

I’m off to the Australian International Furniture Fair today which incorporates Decoration and Design. There will be a large number of suppliers releasing their new products. It gives me a chance to catch up with colleagues and I understand there will be a number of design bloggers from around the country descending on Sydney too. I wonder if we will recognise each other, especially if they are all wearing black?

I’m also going to listen to Kathryn Ireland’s seminar which is titled Aesthetic Inspirations from Around the World. I’ll fill you in on all the details in a couple of days.

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  1. I love your colour choices…xv


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