The Diamond Jubilee

Isn’t it wonderful that Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee? 60 years in the one job is unheard of these days. And it’s 60 years in the TOP JOB, too.

I am always intrigued to see the gorgeous colour the Queen decks herself out in at the various events she attends.

She loves colour blocking and has been wearing a single bright coloured outfit for many years.

I thought I’d gather a selection of photos of her outfits to show what a multicoloured wardrobe she has.

However Vogue has beaten me to it and created a page of all the outfits proving what I had been thinking.


This article in the Daily Mail indicates blue is her favourite colour and she wears that colour more than any others.

I don’t know, I think she looks equally good in red and yellow and green.

Congratulations your Majesty on a very colourful 60 years. I can’t wait to see what shade you wear to your celebrations.

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