Ensuite Dilemma

I am starting to think about the finishing touches for our own home renovation. It’s been 3 years in the making and about 7 years in the dreaming.

As soon as we bought this place, we knew we wanted to change it and add our own stamp. The house, as they say, had loads of potential.

Real Estate Flyer

We tweaked rooms that won’t be affected and then left others that will.

Master Bedroom

This is a photo of our master bedroom. Whilst living in Hong Kong for 3 years, we purchased a number of Chinese antiques and the master bedroom has a definite Asian Influence.

Lamps from Wah Tung, Hong Kong

My dilemma is what to do in the future ensuite? Should I carry the Asian theme through or should I leave it and give it the hotel look?

Hotel Style Bathroom - stone tiles and neutral colours

I really like the images below and could do something similar but my husband is worried that once you take our furniture out of the bedroom, the next person will be left with an Asian bathroom.

I figure that by the time I’m ready to leave this place the bathroom will need re-doing anyway so why shouldn’t I have it my way. After all, it will just be the vanity.

What do you think?

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  1. Wow that purple is amazing, what colour is it? Stunning room!

  2. Beautiful bedroom. Love the purple wall and art.
    For the bath… can you picture that hotel bath with an Asian-influenced mirror above the vanity? And more art like in the bedroom and an orchid, of course. A mirror and art are easier to change (and take with you) if you move.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I love the purple and the colour scheme was all chosen around the bedside lamps. The colour of the feature wall is British Paints Merlins Law. I had thought about just a mirror so will explore that option further. Thanks. An orchid is a must I agree.


  1. […] already mentioned my love of Asian Antiques. I think they blend very well with furniture from other styles and will often create a focal point. […]

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