Fashion Colours for Spring

I managed to take some time out last week and have a stroll around my local shopping centre checking out the new season fashions. I love the change of seasons and seeing the new colours gracing the shop windows and soon to be our wardrobes and then of course our home decor.

Many of the shops were featuring the classic black and white stripes.

Jessica Stripe Dress from Queenspark

Black and white has been gracing our lives for the longest time. It looks very modern yet can be at home in any decor. And no matter what decorator colour you add, your room is going to look fabulous.

via Decorpad

Coloured jeans are also this season’s “must haves”. Watermelon, Steel and Desert are the colours of one particular fashion store.

Sportscraft Coloured Jeans

Those colours sound a bit better than red, blue and brown, don’t they? But watermelon is softer than red and much easier to live with as decor pieces in the home.

Jonathan Adler via Elle Decor

Steel is like a washed out navy and is ideal for a more relaxed room. You could even paint a wall or two in steel rather than the stronger navy blue.

Steel Blue Dining Room

We’ve all been through the browns over the past decade or so. Many of our houses (and wardrobes) still have remnants of chocolate, latte, cappuccino and mocha so Desert is a way to add depth without having to start all over again. It can be teamed with a wide variety of colours too!

Bianca Bed Linen from KAS Australia

And then I saw this stunning colour combination.

via Kookai

The zing of the orange is balanced beautifully with the depth of the cranberry.

Orange and Cranberry for Warwick Fabrics

So what colours are you wearing or decorating with this Spring?

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