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Many years ago, when we lived in Hong Kong, one of the places I liked taking guests to visit, was the Bird Market. It is a park in the middle of Hong Kong with stall holders selling birds and all the accessories including boxes of live crickets!

Hong Kong Bird Market

Apart from tourists, the park was full of men taking their birds for a “walk”.They would bring their charges in their cages and hang them on branches next to other birds in cages for their social outing. A bit like us taking our dogs to the dog park.

Bird Walking In Hong Kong

The timber cages are very elaborate and many of the expats would buy a cage or two as a souvenir. One lady I knew had about 10 cages hanging from the ceiling in her kitchen. I bought a cage and cute little ceramic feeders.

Bought in Hong Kong

I have it sitting on the shelf in my kitchen and it reminds me, each of day, of our time in Hong Kong.

My Kitchen

Lately I have been noticing many interiors with bird cages used in the decor.

via Design Shimmer

Comma, a holiday home in Daylesford,Victoria has used bird cages as light fittings.

Comma in Daylesford via The Design Files

I visited a client the other day and noticed she had two cages on the top of her book cases.

Birdcages belonging to a client

And at the Gift Fair last week, they were everywhere. They were used in displays for cosmetics and also as decor items at a number of suppliers.

Trade Display by Perfect Pieces

Bird Cages from DWBH Homewares

I think they make an interesting feature in a room, even without a bird to sing to you.

Photographer Gentl & Hyers

Or outdoors above a beautifully set table.

via Weddings on the French Riviera

Or just sitting on the sideboard.

Meg Adams via House of Turquoise

Wherever you put them, I think they look tweet!

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