Form at the expense of Function

Here we are in our holiday rental at Daylesford. It’s at beautiful part of the world rich in mineral springs and healthy living.

Our little cottage is just the right size for us and perfect for a short term stay. It has recently been renovated and is finished in a neutral palette. It has a great outdoor deck, which flows off the living room and a well-appointed kitchen.

Accommodation in Daylesford

However there are just a few finishing touches that are missing and it got me to thinking how some people just “miss” when completing their family homes. Too much emphasis is placed on Form rather than Function.

Family homes are meant to be lived in, not show pieces. If we can blend both, all the better, but first and foremost a family home is somewhere in which to relax and entertain our guests.

Comfortable Bedroom

Bedrooms NEED storage. Even if the house is just a weekender, it needs to have somewhere for the occupants to put some clothes. A small hanging space is all that is needed and a chest of drawers for other items. There’s nothing worse than having all your clothes in an open suitcase even it’s just for one or two nights. In this day and age with Ikea and Howards Storage World, these items can be purchased for a nominal outlay.

Lived In Bedroom

The other room where finishing touches are forgotten, is the bathroom. Early in a bathroom renovation, think about where the towels will be hung. There should be a towel rail for each person that uses the bathroom as well as a small ring or rail for the hand towel. Towels need to be hung out flat to dry effectively after use and a rail is preferred over a hook on the back of the door. If there isn’t enough room for a rail in the bathroom itself, place a freestanding towel rail in the bedroom.

Bathroom without towel rails

No matter how much clutter we eradicate from our lives, reality is that we all need storage. Having a place for everything and everything in it’s place will ensure your home functions properly at all times – Form AND Function.

What about you? Do you find yourself forgetting function for the sake of form?

If you need assistance in planning storage for your home, contact us to enquire about our design services.

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  1. How strange not to have some basic storage in a holiday rental! It really is the little things. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. xx

  2. Perfect post Jennifer – today’s chore is to look for the right towel ladder for the Bathroom-From-Hell reno! I’ll take all your good advice with me.
    Millie ^_^

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