Funky 50s and other trends

This week has been a week of trends. I’ve been to two lectures on latest trends and also a product launch. It’s interesting (and pleasing) to hear similar things come from 4 different avenues. Nice to know it really is a science!

Trends are not necessarily what’s hot for the next year or so. Most trends have a life cycle of about ten years. So those painting their houses and choosing colours will be pleased to hear that the grey trend, which has been around for about 4 years will still be around for another 6 at least. So keep on painting charcoal and grey and continue to choose a grey sofa over a brown one.


Ombre is a big influence too. It started with the dipping of legs of furniture or other objects and has progressed to ombre. There’s some stunning pieces around like this gorgeous Ercol Love Seat.

Ercol Loveseat

Ercol Loveseat


Concrete is on the rise. Not so much the cement and water type but the concrete look in bench tops and tiles. Caesarstone are releasing a Concrete surface and Polytec have a laminate surface too.

Polytec laminate - Concrete Fabrini

Polytec laminate – Concrete Fabrini

Another trend that caught my eye is the Funky 50’s. of course I would love that being a colour lover. It’s all about pops of colour in your decor and colour blocking. Funnily enough this trend has been around for quite a while but probably not labelled. Back in 2005 when I was studying, I prepared this collage for our Trends assignment.

Funky 50's Collage

Funky 50’s Collage

Since then Smeg have brought out their retro fridges in bright colours and other appliances have followed suit.

Smeg Fridge in Orange

Smeg Fridge in Orange

Dulux will be releasing their colour trends in the next couple of weeks and I had a sneak peek at those too. There’s a palette to suit all styles and decor from Romantic Spirits to Digital Nomads.

Digital Nomads by Dulux

Digital Nomads by Dulux

So what colours are you using in your home at the moment?

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  1. I’m in a neutrals and grays stage right now, but loving some pops of colors that I’m seeing on sites now….may have to perk up the pillows!!

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