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Grand Designs Live came to Sydney over the weekend.

I have long been an avid fan of the TV show Grand Designs, and have marvelled at the amazing creations Kevin McCloud finds on his travels in the UK and further abroad. I have also marvelled at the sheer tenacity of the home owners who tackle the building process with naivety and determination. And naturally I marvel at the end result and how, most times, it all works out and they all live happily ever after.

The Gap House via

So I was intrigued as to how the TV show would translate to a Live event. I had no idea what to expect.

Grand Design Live Official Opening via Facebook

It turned out to be more like every other home related show I have been to, for both trade and the general public, however the difference was the appearance of Kevin McCloud. And doesn’t he have a following? About 200 – 300 people packed the area of the Grand Stage with seating quickly snaffled up by the early birds. The doors only opened at 10am and Kevin was due on stage at 11am, but by 10.35am it was standing room only.

Kevin McCloud - photographer Mark Fairhurst. Image via

Kevin is naturally passionate about homes and building and his 40 minute talk centred around the fact that all homes, in fact all things, we love have three main attributes. They have firmness, commodity and delight. Like the Fiat Spider, Kevins’ favourite car. It is solidly built, very comfortable and has the WOW factor.

Fiat Spider via Wikipedia

And of course the interesting point, and one that I have so often mentioned here and in my work, is what one person finds comfortable or attractive, may not have the same effect on the next person. He spoke about the famed Eames chair and how for years he had coveted an original. However, when he finally did sit in one, it was not comfortable for him as he is fairly tall and therefore it lost all it’s appeal. The one perfect piece that is perfect for and to everyone, does not exist.

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

However in our homes, we should fill them with things we love because of their meaning. The things we touch every day, like the humble light switch, should be top quality and beautiful to touch. Kevin’s parting piece of advice was that the story in things is what makes the design.

What piece or pieces do you have in your home that tells a story?


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