Habitus Magazine was launched about 2 years ago and has steadily been growing in readership. I must admit it is not one that I have subscribed to as yet, as I have a number of other magazines to read and finding the time is getting increasingly difficult. I do, however, subscribe to their e-newsletters and was thrilled when I noticed an invitation to a conversation with Sixhands. The Habitus team have organised a series of conversations with various creative personalities who have been featured in the magazine.

Sixhands Textiles for Peter Alexander

Textile design studio Sixhands, who are Alecia Jensen, Brianna Pike and Anna Harves, started their friendship at University where they were studying fashion and textile design. After working independently, the girls joined forces in 2006 to create Sixhands which has been providing textiles to Australian fashion designers.

Sixhands textiles for Flamingo Sands

When the girls moved into their own studio, they went about decorating it to make it a welcoming space for themselves and their fashion clients. This sparked a passion for interiors and a new arm of the business was created.

Interiors from Sixhands

The team at Sixhands like to apply something new to something old and create something truly unique. On display at the Conversation, was an old lounge chair (think there’s one in our family somewhere) covered in bright floral fabric as well as a 70’s lamp base with a new brightly patterned shade.

Old lamp base with new shade in Sixhands fabric

But fabric is not their only medium. You can also have a Sixhands rug for your floor, or wallpaper for the wall, or maybe a surfboard for your car?

Sixhands designed surfboard for Misfit

The possibilities are endless and the girls admit they think without limitations. If a homeowner is not confident to have that much pattern and colour on the walls with wallpaper, then there’s the option of using the fabric for cushions or a rug that can be moved or changed.

Stepping Stone Rug from The Rug Collection designed by Sixhands

I think big things are ahead for this talented trio. They admitted, almost tongue-in-cheek, that they aspire to be the Australian version of Missoni Home. I have no doubt they will soon be a household name.

The faces behind Sixhands

Oh, and I won a lucky door prize too. A bottle of red and 12 months subscription to Habitus. No excuses now! Thanks Habitus for a great night.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you’re in Sydney, don’t forget the Young Blood Designers Market is on as part of Sydney Design Festival.

If you would like to add some colour and pattern to your home, or are interested in Sixhands products, contact us to discuss our design and sourcing services.

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  1. Oh wow. That lamp base is very similar to mine. I definitely need to change the shade, so this post is perfect inspiration. I hate reinventing the wheel. x

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