There’s nothing like long swathes of fabric to pack a punch to a room. It will add colour, texture and soften hard edges in the blink of an eye.

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And what better way to add fabric than with curtains.

Curtains not only look good but will also provide acoustic and insulation qualities.

But what header will you have on the curtains? There are so many choices today and getting the heading right will not only enhance the fabric but also the room.

The Triple Pinch Pleat is still the most popular heading. The fabric is gathered into three pleats and stitched together.

Triple Pinch Pleat Heading

The Inverted Pleat gives a neat finish with the fold of the fabric stitched down.

Inverted Pleat

Some of the newer more casual headings which dictate the rod or track include:

The Eyelet which has large metal or plastic eyelets inserted into the top of the curtain and the rod passes through. There should be a thin rubber strip on the top of the rod which makes the swishing of the curtains much smoother.

Eyelet Curtains

The Ripple or S Fold has a tape stitched onto the top of the curtain and then that tape is press fastened onto a tape which hangs underneath a rod. This curtain heading allows the fabric to fall in soft ripples and creates a very dreamy look. Great for sheer or thin fabrics but can also be used for fabrics with lining.

Ripple Fold Curtains

There are so many things to consider with curtains, not just fabric and heading. Lining is important as this will block the heat and cold as well as give privacy. Length of curtains need to be considered also. Some people like them just “kissing” the floor and some prefer them “puddling”. This is when the curtains are longer than the drop and are pooled on the floor a bit like a bridal train. They look great in formal rooms or older style homes, although not that great if you have cats, dogs or small children.

Puddling via Country Homes

The track or rod is also a consideration. These come in just about every conceivable colour. Rods are exposed and usually finished with a decorative finial at the end. Curtains can be attached to the rods with rings or some have a track hidden in the rod and the curtains appear to hang underneath. Tracks look great when the curtains are closed and you can’t see them but not so glamorous when the curtains are open.

Decorative Rods

However, there is a time and place for every style and making sure you choose the right style, track, heading, length can be just as important to the look of the room as the fabric itself.

One of my favourite resource books for curtains is 1001 Ideas For Windows. It not only covers curtains but also blinds, hardware and fabrics. I thoroughly recommend it if you are looking for ideas or inspiration for your home.

If you would like assistance getting the right look for your window coverings, contact us to arrange an appointment.

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