Hot and Steamy

I was very excited and honored to be invited to celebrate the launch of the new Electrolux Compact Steam Oven at a masterclass hosted by world-renowned chef and Electrolux ambassador, Tetsuya Wakada.

Tetsuya Wakada

There’s a long list of famed restaurants I would like to visit here in Sydney and Tetsuya’s is at the top of the list. So how could I refuse such a wonderful invitation?

It was a treat to see his Masterkitchen, designed especially for him. There is a huge marble island in the centre which houses 2 Electrolux convection cooktops and two sinks. The sinks have knee operated water dispensers. These knee pads are positioned to suit Tetsuya’s knee!


The kitchen, which was designed in collaboration with Electrolux Design team. Tetsuya has been using Electrolux products in his restaurant for the past 20 years and this kitchen features the Electrolux Ebony Collection. These dark appliances were inspired by emerging design trends at Eurocucina back in 2008. They work well with the dark cabinetry and striking marble island.

Electrolux Compact Steam Oven

But the real show was watching Tetsuya demonstrate the new E:Line Steam Oven which has been designed for the domestic kitchen. Tetsuya was very impressed with the steam oven and cooked baby barrumundi and chicken breast fillets. His advice for cooking at home was to only use one pot or one dish which was all that was needed in the oven. I liked that – hardly any washing up!

Tetsuya explaining the steaming process

Tetsuya explained that the technology in these ovens does everything for you. And the best part was you get consistent results. Unlike steaming in traditional methods over a pot of boiling water, the oven keeps the temperature constant. All you have to do is tell the oven what you’re cooking and how much it weighs. The oven calculates the correct temperature, amount of steam and cooking time for you.The Electrolux Compact Steam Oven combines steam, heat and grill functions to bring out the best in food.

Steamed Fillet of Baby Barramundi with roasted fennel, chinese olive, orange and garlic

Apart from the health benefits steam cooking offers, it is also convenient and enhances the natural taste of fresh produce as the food retains its flavour. The proof was in the eating and I must admit, I couldn’t fault it.

Steamed Breast of Chicken with Polenta, Tomato, Basil and Bacon

Tetsuya also demonstrated the new E:Motion Trivet allowing wok cooking on induction hobs through an innovative and beautifully designed trivet accessory. The trivet is made of aluminium and can be placed directly on the induction hob.

E:Motion Trivet and Wok

It will not become hot and will keep the round based wok flat and just above the heat. I wanted a baby trivet to wear as a cuff. It was very stylish. The trivet and wok will be available in Australia in October 2010.

Tetsuya using the E:Motion Trivet and Wok

Thank You, Electrolux, for the invitation and Thank You, Tetsuya, for the wonderful lunch.

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  1. Oh wow!! Lucky lucky you! I love new product demonstrations but to have Tetsuya demonstrate a new oven would top it off! I subscribe to his one pot philosophy as well. Thanks for sharing this!xx

  2. I’m sooo envious Jennifer! Love the Wok Trivet for induction elements – now that’s clever design.
    Millie ^_^

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