The 7 Deadly Sins of Decorating

SIN NUMBER 1 Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Editor, Not The Beholder

Don’t put everything you own out on display at once. Be an editor, editing is the art of choosing and placing. You don’t have to throw everything in together; you can rotate furniture and decorative items in your home so that they’re not all on display at once. This could happen as often as once a season. If seasonal times and celebrations are important to you then it’s a good opportunity to do this.

SIN NUMBER 2 – Not Listening To A Space (Cookie Cutter Design)

Don’t fall into the trap of following one style of decoration regardless of whether it suits you and your lifestyle – just like you shouldn’t wear a pair of jeans that don’t suit you just because they are in fashion.

SIN NUMBER 3 – The Sage Don’t Age With Beige (Fear of colour)

Beige beige beige beige! There are hundreds of variations of beige and white to choose from but why not have some fun with colour? Don’t be afraid of colour. Look and listen to the space, you can use a strip of colour to really enhance something. Make it look larger, make it seem more cosy. Colour is one of the cheapest ways of lifting and changing a room and it can really lift your mood to have a wonderful colour in your home.

SIN NUMBER 4 – The Best Rooms Never Take Themselves Too Seriously

Don’t take interior decoration too seriously, have a sense of humour and have some fun with the space. Whether it’s what you put in it or how you orient things in the space. You have to live there – make sure it’s enjoyable. Don’t make it so serious and austere that there’s no room for real people. We don’t live in magazines, we live in real spaces.

SIN NUMBER 5 – Good Design Never Resorts to Cliché

Styles like minimalism aren’t for everyone. Don’t fall for all the design clichés because they seem to be in fashion.

SIN NUMBER 6 – Every Room Should Tell A Story

The style should reflect your own style and personality. Don’t allow a decorator or styles you’ve seen in a magazine or at a friend’s house dictate exactly what you do. They aren’t necessarily right for you just because you’ve seen them work somewhere else. Think about how you live and how you want to live in a particular room.

SIN NUMBER 7 – Pet, People and Patina (Formerly Formal)

If you walk into a room and feel uncomfortable, under dressed or anxious then it’s probably not right for you. A room should make you feel comfortable and happy. Don’t have a room that is so perfect and formal that you stand on tippy toes on the edge for fear of disturbing the perfection. Life is too short for formal lounge rooms.

Linda O’Keefe, Head of Design and Architecture at Metropolitan Home Magazine, NYC

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