Littlest Pet Shops

My daughter is a collector. For the past three years she has been collecting little plastic animals called Littlest Pet Shops.

Littlest Pet Shop Party

They all have names and she keeps a book of their personalities and traits. She will set them up in various locations and groups and they all “chat” away to each other for hours.

It wasn’t until they all sat side by side on my office window sill that I realised we needed a permanent home for them.

I wanted a shadow box but something a little more “girly” than this one I saw on Desire To Inspire.

via Desire To Inspire

Then I found this image over at Decorology. But as she had over 100, this was far too small. So we enlisted Dad’s help.

via Decorology

I worked out how many rows and how many dividers we would need and a box was built. We enquired about framing but couldn’t find the right frame. Finally we bought some framing lengths and a frame was made.

Then we chose a paint colour and after numerous coats to cover the gilt, a shiny pink framed box appeared.

She had so much fun putting all the little guys into their new home.

It’s currently in animal order – you know, all the dogs in one compartment, the cats in another, etc.

But I can see that hours will be spent rearranging them in perhaps height order, or colour order, or accessory order, or…….


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