How to live with a HUGE television and not let it dominate the room

I’m often asked, “How do we decorate our living room withouth having the new TV be the centre of attention?”

via Queensland Homes

via Queensland Homes

These days the television seems to have found a permanent place in the living room. Fortunately, although the flat screens are oversized, they are thin and don’t take up as much space as the older style TVs. In fact, they are so slim that they can be hung on the wall.

via Australian House and Garden

via Australian House and Garden

However it’s not just the screen that needs a space in your living room, it’s all the paraphernalia that goes with it:- Wii’s, stereos, playstation consoles, DVD players, VCR players, iPod docking stations. The list is endless. And then you can’t have a big TV without surround sound. All that equipment means lots of cables too and games and discs for them all.

Beyond Furniture have this solution

The trick is not to let the television be the dominant piece in the room. Hard I know, when they command attention. Living rooms combine all sorts of usage. Families get together with children and friends or it can sometimes be used by just one person for reading or a couple for conversation.

via Australian House and Garden

Give the room a flexible floor plan and furnish accordingly. Soft furnishings like rugs, curtains and fabric covered chairs will absorb the sound. A comfortable armchair in a corner with a lamp and side table will satisfy the reader and a clear floor space with cushions will please the kids. If there is electronic gaming equipment then space needs to be left for that action or at least an area that can be converted into what is required.

via Australian House and Garden

via Australian House and Garden

Draw attention away from the screen by creating another focal point. It might be a stunning piece of artwork or a glorious coloured glass vase.  Entertainment cabinets and sofas are low-line so don’t forget to include some taller pieces like long vases with ornamental grass or twigs or a standard lamp to balance the horizontal view of the room rather than just concentrating on the floor space.

Mixing other artwork around the screen “hides” it’s true purpose

The big screen can live harmoniously with your décor and accommodate everyone for all occasions.

Alternatively you can instal a hydraulic lift system for your tv

With the press of a button, you can watch TV

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