Musings from Murobond

Mmmm, we’ve been having a bit of a run on paint lately. I have been doing a number of colour consultations lately so I guess that’s the head space I’m in.

Yesterday I received the Murobond newsletter which is always full of inspiration, advice and events.

Mr Jason Grant has released another palette for Murobond. This time it is called “Grey Scale Garden” and is full of delicious grey tones with a few brights thrown in for contrast. I LOVE Marmalade.

I can see it now – Dust on the walls, Happy Accident on the trim, a sofa in Slate Shadow and a few cushions in Marmalade. Zing!

Grey Scale Garden Paint Colours

Another new feature on the Murobond website is My Colour Palette. Here you can save a selection of colours under a heading which is a great way of seeing if the colours work together. It’s also fun being inventive with a name. I called the above selection Zing.

Zing Colour Scheme suitable for a living room

Why don’t you have a play and put a scheme together. Paste the link into the comments section or up on our Facebook page and we can all enjoy them. Don’t forget to check out our fantastic new header and Like Us while you’re there.

Happy weekend!


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