Nice Suprise

As you may have read, last month I had a delightful lunch with interior designer and blogger, Linda Merril.

Linda and Me

I found Linda’s blog, Surroundings when I first started reading blogs and that led me to her podcast The Skirted Roundtable with Joni and Megan. I love listening to their interviews whilst I’m on the treadmill or out walking the dogs.

Linda and my family had a lovely lunch at a cute little Tea Shop in her home town of Sandwich on Cape Cod. Last week a parcel arrived and I was thrilled to open it and find the cutest little glass dish from Linda.

Tea House in Sandwich MA

It is a piece of Sandwich glass. Linda says it could be from the Boston and Sandwich Glass Factory that was established in Sandwich in 1825 or it could be an early 20th Century piece with Sandwich Glass Pattern.

Sandwich Glass Dish and Card

Either way it’s very pretty and will remind me of our lovely lunch together and how small this world really is. Thank you so much, Linda. You shouldn’t have, but it was a nice surprise.


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