Presenting……..the Front Door!

I love a coloured front door.

Yellow Front Door in Cape Cod

I think a front door should say “Here I am!”, “Entry this way” or “Come inside.”

Turquoise Door via The House Of Turquoise

Usually when using colour, I try to repeat it somewhere so it doesn’t look like we’ve run out of paint and used something to tie us over. Like in a bathroom if you use a feature tile as a vertical stripe in the shower, you should repeat it somewhere else, otherwise it might look like you ran out tiles and used any old thing. After all, Repetition is one of the Principles of Design.

Red Front Door in New York

But where a front door is concerned, I believe you can choose a colour from anywhere in the spectrum and place it on the front door. No repetition required.

Lime Green Front Door in Darlinghurst, Sydney

What about you? Do you like a coloured front door?

Pink Front Door via Colour Me Happy



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  1. Ah gorgeous!
    I want a red door…one day on the right house!!

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