Progress on our Renovation

The renovation of our home in Sydney is starting to take shape. For many weeks we would visit the site on the weekend and look at a new hole in the ground.

Laundry Excavation

Then a few weeks later the holes were filled with cement. It seemed to take forever before anything interesting happened.

Laundry Foundations

My office was the first to take shape which was very exciting. I could start visualising myself working away in there.

Inside my new office

Still more weeks went bye as we reviewed our doors and window schedule and made our final selections. The architects had specified certain window sizes and we received a quote for those windows. However, we also sought a quote from another window supplier that we had seen at the Home Show many years ago and kept their flyer. This company provided windows in their own standard sizes. So we reviewed our schedule and worked out that if we went with the windows they could supply as standard sizes we would save about $5000.

Windows and Doors Schedule

The windows were very similar in measurements differing only by a few centimetres. I was thrilled because the money we have saved can now be redirected to putting window coverings in sooner, rather than later! It was an exhausting task checking all the measurements and visiting the supplier to make sure the quality was good and we were not scrimping now to suffer later. But all the windows have now been ordered and the extra time was well worth the effort.

Even the dogs checked out the new extensions

In the last two weeks, the floor has been laid on the bedroom extension and now the frame has gone up. My daughter had great fun on the weekend working out which of the two new bedrooms she would claim as her new room. So now she’s busy drawing up floor plans working out where her bed and desk and bookshelf will go.

Which bedroom will be best?

Once the frame is up you can get a really good indication of the size of the rooms and the layout. It’s so much easier that looking at the drawings.

Suddenly the renovations that have been six years in the planning are now very, very real.

Coco found a little hole she could poke her head through when she was banished to the front and we were out in the new renovations.

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