Purple and Green

This morning I noticed that the leaves on the Jacaranda tree in the neighbour’s garden have all fallen off. This means in a couple of weeks the tree will be covered in purple flowers and the view from my kitchen will look like this.

Kitchen View in October

This is another one of my favourite combinations – purple and green. The house I grew up in had lime green walls downstairs – toilet, laundry and hallway with the cupboard doors in the laundry painted purple. Maybe that’s why this colour combination appeals. I love it in flowers and when we planted out the garden in our current house, I chose mainly purple flowering plants





These photos aren't from my garden, I'm sorry to say.

Wisteria – These photos aren’t from my garden, I’m sorry to say.

And I’ve always been a big purple and green fashion follower. I wore green at school for five years so need to temper it with another colour if I am going to wear it these days.


I like the bright, lime green with a darker purple giving strength and balance to the combination. Here are few rooms I’ve found that use the colour combination well.

Picture 1 GKMYgreen and purple canhouseandhome

And the other day I passed these irrestible pet beds. The photo makes the green look a bit yellow.


And this house in Brisbane shows a clever use of the colours.

Bridgeman Downs House

Purple is the colour of Passion and Green is a calm colour which explains why this pairing works. If you are wanting to experiment with this combination have a look at these Dulux Colours.

Dulux Juicy Limne

Dulux Juicy Lime

Dulux Chive Bloom

Dulux Dynamic Green

Dulux Parma Violet


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  1. We have jacarandas here in So California too. I grew up near neighborhoods where the streets were lined with them. They’re beautiful but can be treacherous! Fallen flowers on the sidewalk can be very slippery! Pretty post.

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