Our Renovation at Five Months

This week clicked over to five months into our renovations. I just couldn’t be more delighted with the way the house is coming together. It’s everything I have imagined it would be and feels quite surreal walking through the rooms that have only previously been in my head or on paper. I think builders are very clever.

The gyprockers finished today so we have walls and ceilings throughout.

The back deck and balcony have been clad and the balustrading has now been installed.

We managed to have morning tea out there on the weekend during our painting session.

Windows and doors are in and door handles have been installed.

The renders have rendered the bottom half of the exterior. We inherited a painted brick house (which I would never have done) so we will paint the new build too.

In between painting on the weekend, I also chose the carpet for the bedrooms. It wasn’t the one I liked in the showroom, nor the one I liked in the unit we are currently living in. Soooo important to look at samples in the room where it will eventually be laid. The decisions are never ending!

It’s time to start dragging the family into the picture. My father-in-law is a painter in Brisbane and he is coming down for a couple of weeks to paint the interior. He hangs wallpaper too so I’m going to test those skills.

I’m sweet talking my father into coming down in the New Year to help in the garden. There’s plenty of both painting and gardening to be done so we will need all the help we can get.

So much work to do yet but we’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m even ordering window coverings and they are always the last things to go in.


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  1. Wow. It is coming together so well. And how lucky are you to have a real painter in the family!. He’d be worth flying down! xx

  2. You are luck that you have a painter in the family. I have to take the services of a professional. He has charged much for the work but quality of work is the best.

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