Renovations – Four Months On

The beginning of September marks four months into our home renovation. It’s certainly an exciting time and we love heading over to the house every weekend and going over the work that has been undertaken during the preceding five days.

The wall with the hole used to be the kitchen. That hole will be enlarged as the doorway to the family room.

The day the excavators moved in it rained for the next two weeks but since then we’ve been blessed with fine weather. The building is springing to life as we now have rooms and roof trusses.

Looking west during the demolition stage

The same view as the above picture now.

Some of the work in the existing house has started too with the gutting of our old bathroom which will be our new ensuite and removing the plaster walls in our daughter’s old room. The plaster was in a very bad state as was the ceiling so it was easier to remove both and replace.

Sophie’s Bedroom before

Sophie’s Bedroom Now

The original hallway will be extended and the wall has been taken out so we can really see the overall effect this new long hallway will have from the front door.

From the front door, then

From the front door, now

And the bathroom is starting to take shape too. The bath will sit in a bay window which will mirror the one in the dining room.

The new bathroom has been built where the guest bedroom used to be

Bay window for the bath

Side view of bay window

Apparently this week we should see more brick work, roof tiles and guttering and there’s a whisper that the windows and doors should be arriving any minute.

The view from the new guest bedroom. Lucky our neighbours have such a beautiful large garden.

Let’s hope this fine weather continues until the roof is on and the windows are in and then it won’t make any difference if it rains.

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  1. How exciting Jennifer, its great to see progress from week to week. Wont be long & you will be working your magic on the inside!!!

  2. Thanks Trish. It is very exciting watching pretty drawings on paper come to life before our eyes.

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