Saturday In Design

Only one more sleep.

On the hustings - Saturday in Design

On the hustings - Saturday in Design

It’s been two years since we’ve had a Saturday In Design here in Sydney and I must say, I’m quite excited. It’s a day (or this year, two) where a number furniture, fabric and design studios open their doors to the design community. Little shuttle buses ferry participants from one location to another, showrooms are buzzing with people and releasing new products and many of them have entertainment. It is such a fun day and so much to see and do.

Picture 1

I’m starting my day at Reece who are serving breakfast and showcasing The Nikles Quatre inset showerhead.


A Sense of Depth by Sheargold/Sally Hieatt

From there I’ll stroll down to Interfaceflor which is hosting the Representations Gallery. Five design firms are fighting it out to give their interpretation of The 5th Wall.

Alex Perry and his designs

Alex Perry and his designs

Then I’m hoping to catch a SAAB Limo out to Electrolux to hear Alex Perry discuss the latest colour trends and concepts that translate from the runway to interior design. Tetsuya is holding cooking demonstrations on the Electrolux induction cooktops too so maybe a bite of lunch there or will I trek across town to Mico Design where masterchefs from Bills are dishing up an all day breakfast? The new Kohler bathroom range will be on display there.

I need a break

I need a break

Then where? Maybe the temporary Warehouse 625 which will be housing Bathe, Ilve, Interstudio, Porters Paints and Warwick Fabrics to name a few. Then I think it will be time for a rest. The Habitus Lounge in the Gelosa showroom looks just the place.

Refreshed I’ll head over to Kezu for Sushi By Design. They have gathered 10 design firms to create designs for sushi that will be made by the chefs from The Ivy’s Sushi Choo.

What else will I see?

What else will I see?

But there’s still so much more to see, I hope I fit it all in. I must get to bed early. I want to be ready for a full day of design and food and laughter. Check back next week to see what I accomplished.

Night, nigth

Night, night

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  1. Many thanks for holiday wishes and commenting….come back in a week and hear all about my holiday. XXXX

  2. You have opened a very interesting discussion on design. That was always the dream of my wife and me–to do something like the concepts you will be exploring. Like most of us, I suspect, we ended up in a tract home, but we love it all the same. The one thing that helps is that I’m a cabinetmaker, and over the years I have been customizing every room in the house.

    Right now I’m working on a home theater, then it’s a kitchen. The one thing I most want to do, though, is to make a kitchen that is more than just a bunch of boxes with a “choice of doors and drawer fronts.” Boring!!!!!

    So, what am I going to do? Truthfully, I haven’t a clue at the moment. I just want something that is different and yet timeless and practical and stimulating to make for a cabinetmaker. And if I ever figure this out, I mean to make it for us and splash that baby all over the Internet!

    I look forward to reading your findings. It looks like you’ve found the mother lode of design ideas.

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