Under The Sea

Many years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to live in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. One of the main pastimes was diving, so we completed our certificates and I spent three years diving once or twice a week.

Uninhabited islands in the Solomon Islands

I couldn’t believe the spectacular colourful world that lay beneath the surface of the warm water.

Snorkeling in the Solomons

The sea was full of life in the form of colourful coral, fish, turtles and sharks.

Teeming with life and colour

But it was the tiny, weeny Nudibranches that I loved to find. These small “sea slugs” are the most colourful creatures on earth.

If you think you’ve seen a strange or unusual colour combination then it may very well have been inspired by these creatures.

via http://pt-lobos.com/nudibranch.html

Resene Silver Tree

Resene Pursuit

Resene Oxley

Resene Pulse

via sherid.wordpress.com

Resene Onepoto

Resene Ayres Rock

Resen Snap

Resene Pearl Lusta

via http://www.silvermermaid.com/

Resene Wonderland

Resene Sun

Resene Unicorn

Resene Bauhaus

via http://watertownscienceanimals.wikispaces.com/Groups+of+Mullusks

Resene Brandy Punch

Resene Wave Rider

Resene Solitude

Resene All Black

Where do you get your colour inspiration?

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