The best seat in the house

I recently saw this quote on Pinterest and it reminded me of the home in which I grew up.

Furniture plan

Mum and Dad built our home, which was architecturally designed and we moved in when I was 9. At that time everyone was converting their garages to rumpus rooms but our house had all the living areas on the one floor. We had a family room off the kitchen and casual dining. Pretty much like today’s KiDiLi. This was the room in which we watched TV. The “good” lounge room was not for kids, except for Christmas lunch.

Pangeza St

Mum bought a Jason recliner for the room. It was “Mum’s” chair but my brother and I would race to get to it first for our Brady Bunch watching after school. I usually won because I could get a lift home from school with our neighbour, whereas my brother had to walk and catch a bus from his school. There were many arguments over that chair.


One day we came home from school and Mum had moved the chair to the other end of the room. My brother was stoked because he could sit in the chair and push it right back and bring up the leg rest. I didn’t care, I was happy sitting in the chair that was moved into the spot the recliner previously occupied. You see it was the perfect position for watching TV and I didn’t want to miss an episode of Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter, Cindy and Bobby.

Jason Recliner

One of the questions I start with when designing a living room for my clients, is “What is the purpose of the room?” If you ask yourself that and answer truthfully then furniture style and placement should be easier.

TV Room

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