In 1933 James Hilton wrote a novel called Lost Horizon where he describes a mythical happy land. Last weekend I went to my own Shangri-La right in the heart of Sydney.

Well not mine exactly, but I did pretend for 24 hours. You see it was my birthday on the Friday and our 18th wedding anniversary on the Monday and with our daughter away for the weekend, my husband decided we should have a weekend away too. With the house renovations and no holiday for the last 12 months and none on the horizon, he decided it was this or nothing. I guess I’d been complaining (as I always do) about turning another year older and desperately needing a holiday. So he booked us in to the Sydney Shangri-La Hotel for a night. We had a fabulous Harbour View room with sweeping views of ……. the harbour (naturally!). The sky was blue and the view was sensational.

The hotel has recently been refurbished, to the tune of $20M so I believe. The room was gorgeous but it’s hard to notice too much when you’re met with such a picture postcard view.

The large windows had very comfortable leather seats where I sat for an hour watching the view below and tapped away using the free wifi before I headed to the Chi Spa for a massage.

It was there that I solved the problem of lighting for the Powder Room at our place. I loved the backlit mirror in my spa room so took mental notes and schemed whilst the therapist undid all those knots in my back. My husband was thrilled that the money he spent on the massage will save him money on expensive light fittings. Typical Accountant!

The stylised blossom branch was on the carpet and the bedhead. It reinforces the Asian connection with the hotel chain which started in Singapore in 1971. The dark wood and soft colours also link back to the Asian style. In fact, the first Shangri-La Hotel we encountered was when we were living in Hong Kong. We would take our overseas visitors to the bar on the 54th floor for a drink at sunset and watch the city come alive with twinkling lights.

It was a lovely weekend and I feel fully refreshed to tackle the rest of the renovations and the wind up to Christmas. (Even if I am another year older!)

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