My take on shopping at Ikea

Last month I visited the brand new Ikea store in Sydney.

Ikea Bedroom

I’m not a frequent visitor to Ikea as the stores, which get bigger and bigger every couple of years, are not usually that close to me geographically. But I was keen to visit the new store in Tempe to check out the size of the shop and to see what’s new.

Ikea Entertainment Unit

When I lived in Hong Kong, Ikea was a staple destination for setting up house. The store was located in Causeway Bay and as most of the residences in Hong Kong were small, one had to be really clever about storage which is something Ikea do really well. Also, most expats were in Hong Kong for a two or three year initial contract, so Ikea products were selected as they were relatively cheap and it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t last more than five years.

Ikea Kitchen with Mirrored Splashback

My recent trip to Ikea, confirmed that this is pretty much still the case. They do great looking items at good prices but I find the quality is just not there. If you’re looking for something that will last for many years, like my sofa, then Ikea is not the most ideal retailer for you.

Ikea Wall Unit

However, I do like the way they set up the rooms so you can see all the components and it’s a great place to visit if you are looking for ideas. It’s also great for kids furniture if you are wanting something to tie you over until they get to the next stage and require (deserve) something a little more sturdy.

Ikea Bunk Bed

And then of course there’s all those decorator pieces at the end of the Ikea stores. Tea Lights, glass vases, photo frames, plates, trays and glassware are all well priced and can add a touch of colour to your home.

Ikea Desk and Stationery Folders

Like all furniture, I think it looks best when mixed with items from different places to give a personal look to your interior decor rather than buying everything from the one place.

Ikea Iron Bed

Enjoy your week.


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