Slim Shelving

Slim Shelving

Slim Shelving

I’ve just been reading my favourite blogs and thought I’d also let you know about Slim Shelving. Decor8 has written about a great new product called Slim Shelving. What a fabulous idea. A great way to show off your beautiful books and yet keep them within easy reach.

Slim Shelving for the Kitche

Slim Shelving for the Kitchen

I like the idea of putting it in the kitchen to keep your favourite recipe books at hand.

Slim Shleving for the kids

Slim Shelving for the kids

Or in the kid’s bedroom to entice them to read more often.

Slim Shelving in the Master Bedroom

Slim Shelving in the Master Bedroom

Or in the master bedroom to make more space on the bedside tables and help cull the clutter.

These shelves are a stylish way to store and display your books and also creates some wall art at a nominal outlay. You can check out the website and order online.

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