Sneak Peak

I thought I’d share a couple of jobs I am currently working on.

The first is to find fabric to recover these chairs.

Chairs to be reupholtered

The clients have ordered a new sofa and two comfortable armchairs in this leather.

Leather samples

So we need to find a fabric that will co-ordinate with the colour of the leather, not look too heavy and give a new lease of life to these chairs.

Chair Fabric Options

The other aspect is these chairs may not necessarily reside in the same room for the rest of their life so we need a fabric that will work in the other rooms of the house, like a bedroom, for instance.

By choosing a colour scheme for the whole house allows furniture to move around the house as needed.

Formal Room

Another client I am working with, is gradually putting their stamp on the house they bought a year or so ago. We are now looking at the formal rooms at the front of the Federation Style home.

I am convinced that buying a house is always a compromise and there are many things the new home owner will want to change but equally there are many things that should not be touched as that is why the house was purchased in the first place.

The curtains in this room are way too stuffy for my clients. They are in good condition so with a little tweaking we are retaining them instead of starting over. We’ve chosen a new wall colour and the painters move in next week.

Original Curtains

The lounge suite that came from their previous home is in near perfect condition so we are going to leave that and work it in to the scheme.

Formal Room

The dining chairs need recovering so my task has been to source some wallpaper for a feature wall in the dining room as well as fabric to recover the dining chairs.

Dining Chairs to be recovered

I’ve come up with a number of colour ways that will all work back to the goldish sofas, the cream silk curtains and the new paint colours.

Navy Blue Scheme with Wallpaper and fabrics

It’s always interesting to see which scheme appeals to the client. They often ask me what would I choose, and I can’t honestly answer.

Duck Egg Blue Scheme with Wallpaper and Fabrics

I like them all (remember I’ve chosen them) but at the end of the day I go home to my house and my client stays with the new decor, so it has to be their choice. My job is to narrow down the search and make sure everything works together and my clients end up with a comfortable home that oozes their personality and preferences.

Black Scheme with white and cream

Often clients are quick to dismiss the options they DON’T like which makes the decision that much easier. I always say it’s just as important to identify what you don’t like as well as what you do.

Aubergine Fabrics

If you would like assistance with colour and decor for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

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  1. Hi,

    Love the duck egg blue scheme – one question, what is the fabric at the top called (the mainly blue one with botanic print?)



  2. Hi Briana
    The fabric to which you refer is actually a wallpaper called Shade by James Dunlop. You can view it on their site. Happy to provide pricing if you are interested.

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